5 Must-Have Gear Items for the Tactical Operator

Whether you're a home defender or a tactical team member, the right gear is crucial.

Thanks to the insurgence of the popular "operator" style of gear concepts, any great tactical items are on the market. It's tough to try and make the best choices.

These five tactical operator gear items will help you out when you need it most.

1. Body armor gives you a second chance.

Body armor is an item many don't even think about. All of the tactical training in the world might not give you the first shot. In that bad case scenario a quality body armor vest is crucial. Live to fight another day and to tell the tale.

2. Tactical hearing protection.

In the close confines of a building gun fire is even louder. Don't take chance with your hearing and continue to hear any danger with a good pair of electronic hearing protectors. Walker's Silencer Electronic Ear Buds allow you to get away from those hot bulky ear muff style units.

3. A good pair of safety glasses is indispensable.

You only get one set of eyes and protecting them is absolutely necessary at all cost. Get a pair of quality safety glasses and make sure that you keep those eyes for the rest of your life.

4. Tough tactical gloves will protect your hands.

Firing weapons can be extremely tough on your hands when you grab a hot gun barrel. Also in hand to hand combat or other tasks protecting your hands keeps you in the game. Buy reinforced tactical gloves that will protect your hands yet give you the dexterity you need for any mission.

5. Protect your dome with a ballistic rated helmet.

While your tactical needs may not usually need a Level 3A Ballistic Helmet against incoming rounds necessarily it is helpful for other dangers. Low door frames, vehicle entrances and exits, and other more mundane dangers can still knock you out of a fight. Use your head and protect it too.

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