5 Must-Have Free Hunting Apps for Next Whitetail Season

Before, during, and after the hunt, these free apps will help you on your quest to fill your buck tag.

In this day in age, the smartphone has become an important tool in the bowhunters arsenal. When equipped with the right hunting apps, your phone becomes much more than just a way to take treestand selfies. Download these free apps before your next hunt!


AllTrails is a great app for pre-season and post-season scouting. I do not use it for its preloaded trails, but for its ability to record and store my scouting missions. I can take pictures of rubs and scrapes, and save them as waypoints to analyze later. Different screen overlays can change my view from topographical, to road ways, and satellite as well. This app is very useful for determining stand locations.

Time2Hunt Light

hunting apps

This "no frills" app is simple to use and gets right to the point. It will give you daily sunrise and sunset times, as well as the moon phase. Time2Hunt Light will also give you a daily forecast for game movement based on solar/lunar data. You can scroll through months worth of data in advance, which makes it an asset when planning a trip.

ScoutLook Hunting

This free hunting app is great for planning your day to day hunts. You can save multiple stand locations and pull them up to check current weather conditions. Their patent "scent cone" will show you which way your scent will travel due to the wind direction. Know what stand location is best before you enter the woods.


True, this app is not directly related to hunting, but it does contain some outstanding hunting content. During long periods of inactivity while in the stand, you can scroll through thousands of trophy pictures, trail cam pictures, and nature shots. Instagram can be a great way to break up the monotony of an all day sit, but be careful not to zone out and miss your once in a lifetime opportunity!


The hunt is over and you and your hunting buddies are dying to find out what your buck scored. Just grab a tape measure and start plugging in the numbers. Gone are the days of pencil, paper, and calculations. ScoreMyRack will ask you for each measurement and than calculate any deductions giving you accurate gross and net scores. The latest version will score blacktails, mule deer, and elk, in addition to whitetail deer.

There are dozens of free hunting apps available. Try these out and see if they make a difference in your pursuit of mature whitetails. Any advantage you can get over a whitetail puts you one step closer to filling your tag, and your freezer.