5 Videos of Jeeps That Are Barely Hanging On

Jeep has long history of producing reliable and long-lasting vehicles.

Whether new Jeeps are as reliable as the old ones is not a topic to debate right now. Instead, we're sharing with you some photos and videos of old jeeps which still run admirably for their owners.

Check out this video displaying the new and old Jeeps...

The most famous Jeeps include models ranging from the likes of the "Willy's" to the "Grand Cherokee." The "Willy's" was such a reliable force that it could have its engine submerged and still keep on ticking.

Here are some of Jeep's stories:


In the above story posted from "Dirt Everyday," a Jeep is brought home from a junkyard with the help of only a few spare parts including gas, tires, a lift kit, and a battery. Afterwards, they drive it home to California. It highlights a history of reliability.

This next one is a personal history behind a classic 1951 Jeep.


The 4X4 Jeep was nicknamed the "Ugly Jeep."

In this next video, the classic 1950 CJ-3A is brought back to life.


That was cool! "Driveway Rescue" helps rescue a Jeep cheaply with Junkyard parts.

Here's an episode of a 1978 Texas Ranch Jeep that's rescued from the proverbial graveyard.


That was the rescue of a CJ-7, one of my personal favorites when it comes to Jeeps.

When it comes to this last video, the famous 1997 Wrangler receives a new engine...a Cummins Diesel to be exact.

The episode then progresses to perform a famous stunt of the past-to drive under-water. It is a testament to Jeep's past legacy.

Jeep has a "reliable" legacy. These Jeep's stand the test of time, even if they are revamped and renovated. Do you have a beat-up old Jeep, it should be driven with pride. You're a part of a tradition of greatness.