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5 Hunting Properties You Never Knew Existed That Could Be Yours

These five hunting properties are some of the best in the U.S., and they are waiting for you to be the next owner. 

These hunting properties that are listed range from affordable to million dollar tracts of acreage housing whitetails, turkey, waterfowl, dove, elk and much more.

1. Will Primos' Mississippi Hunting Property

If waterfowl, turkey and whitetails are what you are looking for, and you have some extra cash lying around, this property is an outdoorsman heaven. Totaling 2,863 acres, this managed hunting paradise contains duck blinds, creeks, lodging, trails and so much more. It's located in western Mississippi where big bucks are born.

2. Mossy Oak Properties

Realistically, the majority of us are on a budget and Mossy Oak Properties lists several tracts of land.

This tract of 62 acres in Monroe County, Kentucky is a mere $69,000 with bedding areas, multiple stand locations and plenty of food plot opportunities.

3. Land Watch

If you're looking to purchase land out West, Land Watch lists several properties with prime elk and mule deer hunting for competitive prices.

4. Jackson County, Illinois

If you're wanting profitable land, however, this 80-acre tract provides potential for tillable ground in the heart of whitetail heaven.

5. Callaway County, Missouri

Of course, if you want something a little big bigger to manage this world class 995-tract boasts of hilly terrain with tons of timber, pasture, food plots and stocked lakes. Everything one needs for a hunting paradise.

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