5 Hiking Bags Perfect for Your Next Trek

Hiking season is upon us.

The hiking bag has earned required status to carry all of our necessary gear when we head outside.

These five hiking bags will serve you well on your treks.

1. Guide Gear Sling Pack

When it comes time to haul bug spray, water, snacks and other various small items, this sling pack will check the boxes. Zippered pockets keep your gear from getting lost on the trail until you need it.

2. Guide Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Face it, our trail time might just coincide with the pouring rain. There's no better way to keep your gear and extra clothes dry than a quality dry bag backpack. This one will see you through the worst downpour, and it comes in a couple color options.

3. Humble Shoulder Bag

This great shoulder bag is a comfortable and tactical way to pack for a hike. It's available in black or tan and is tough enough to last for the long miles ahead.

4. Fox Tactical Retro Messenger Bag

When you are looking for an economy-priced shoulder bag for hiking, this Fox Tactical bag is hard to beat. With classic military flair, it can be had in tan or olive drab.

5. CamelBack Urban Assault Pack

When a the utility of a backpack and amenity of hydration are combined, you get this CamelBack backpack, and it's an obvious win-win. With 2075 cubic inches of gear space and 100% nylon construction, this backpack is built for action.