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5 Tactics That Will Make You More Successful This Hunting Season

Are you going to be chasing whitetails during the early season this year? If so, you might want to try one of these tactics.

Hunting early season bucks can be the best time of year to capitalize on predictable movements. If you play it right, bucks can be the most vulnerable of the year in the early goings. Here are a few tactics that work every year across those hunting the early season.

1. Trail camera patterning


Let trail cameras do the work for you, and tell you when to move in for the kill. Trail cameras can help allow you to know when it is effective to hunt a buck, and when it might just be a waste of time.

2. Staging areas

If you want to see a lot of deer, then go ahead and hunt the edge of a food source. But if you really want to shoot a big buck, consider hunting off the field about 50-75 yards where a mature buck will wait to enter the field.

You can identify a staging area that a buck is using regularly with trail cameras or by finding a rub line as bucks like to observe and wind the field they are about to enter. A rub line will give away this area.

3. Put a buck to bed

If you can get out in the morning and watch a buck leave a food source, heading in the direction of his bed, get on that food source for the evening hunt, odds are he'll be back.

4. Water

Crops and food plots get all of the glory, but don't forget about an essential need of deer, and that's water.

If you have a creek or river system running through one of your properties, find a good crossing, and it could be a dynamite early season spot.

5. Prepare for the weather

It can be extremely hot, humid, buggy, and just downright miserable while hunting early season. Go in prepared so you can stay on stand longer, and more comfortably. Bring an extra set of clothes with you to the stand to change into, and use something like a ThermaCell to help keep mosquitoes off you, so you're spending your hunts locked in, opposed to swatting at pesky bugs the whole time.

Deer season is practically upon us, especially for those states opening in September. If you want to bag a big buck this fall, the first couple weeks of the entire season might just be the ticket to success.

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