5 Compound Bows to Consider for Next Bowhunting Season

These are a few compound bows you should check out.

Compound bows are almost always tough to pin down when you're trying to determine which to purchase. You might be new to bowhunting, or been at it a while. You might need a left-handed option, or a stronger draw weight max.

No matter what it is, bow companies have gone out of their way to make things adjustable, or at least devote a large amount of research to finding out what's best for most needs.

Here are five we'd recommend, all found at Sportman's Guide, where the selection is always great, the details are always clear, and the buying process is always smooth.

1. PSE Stinger X Compound Bow

Choosing the PSE Stinger X Compound Bow is wise because of its highly-adjustable SX cam and X-Tech split limbs. It'll reach up to 308 FPS maximum.

2. Bear Archery Authority Compound Bow 

Why pick a Bear Archery Authority Compound Bow? Well, for starters, its aluminum alloy riser saves weight, the 70-pound peak draw weight is on the higher end, and it can fire an arrow at 315 FPS.

3. Martin Archery Firecat Kestrel Cam Compound Bow

If you're a hardcore hunter who spot and stalks deer or elk, a Martin Archery Firecat Kestrel Cam Compound Bow would make a good choice. The Firecat has an adjustable draw weight from 45-60 pounds, draw length from 26.5"-30.5", and a 348 FPS IBO rating.

4. Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Compound Bow

We love Diamond Archery, and the Edge SB-1 Compound Bow has been on our wishlist for a while. It has one of the widest draw weight differences, and can be changed between 7 and 70 pounds. The proprietary Synchronized Binary Cam system works wonders.

5. CenterPoint Kronos Compound Bow

Go with a CenterPoint Kronos Compound Bow if you're just starting out, or buying for a youngster. It has a 275 FPS velocity and a draw weight adjustable from 15 to 55 pounds. The draw length goes from 19" to 29", and it includes a Field Ready Kit for instant use.

All of these bows are available at Sportman's Guide, along with a ton of other hunting and outdoor stuff.