The 5 Best U.S. Fishing Holes You Won't Find in a Google Search

Where's the best U.S. fishing spot that hasn't already been blabbed about on the Internet?

We're all familiar with the same old lists of "America's Best Fishing Lakes." They've been written before, and there's plenty of opinion.

What if we told you we had a few spots in mind that you won't find on any of those lists, but promise as good of a time, if not better, than any considered "the best" in the country?

Now, getting there might be a little trickier than you're used to. If you had the mindset of a Ram truck owner, you wouldn't be worried. America's Longest-Lasting Pickups* have the reputation for taking their owners to the nation's best places. Plus, with the Available Uconnect® 8.4 NAV featuring built-in 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot, you'll be able to navigate no matter what. Finding and reaching these destinations is a whole lot better in a Ram.

If you're about going to less well-known places, avoiding the problems of fishing in a crowded place, and venturing out further than the last guy, here are five candidates that just might be the best undiscovered fishing spot.

The Smaller Inland Lakes Near Charlevoix, Michigan

Smallmouth in your crosshairs? Charlevoix gets credit for being on the Big Lake, but some of these lesser known lakes in the area are well worth it, and far less crowded.

We won't drop lake names specifically, mainly because we don't want to face the wrath of the anglers who do know about them.

Sipsey River, Alabama

Okay, so, Sipsey might show up in an Internet search, mainly because it's Alabama's only year-round rainbow trout fishery below the Smith Lake Dam. But the river itself is a unique place to fish in the state.

You'll find largemouth and spotted bass at the right time of year (springtime if you want big ones), but you can also check a southern walleye or American eel off your species list if you're lucky.

Perc Ponds of San Jose's City Limits

Don't be surprised if you pull something in the eight to nine-pound range out of one of these ponds. The bass get fat, but the popularity seems to be rising. Maybe you'll find the next untouched one.

If you're traveling around the San Jose area looking for the best pond, you should do so in a Ram truck. There's available seating for six so it can fit everyone you'd want to bring along.

Offshore Artificial Reefs in Florida

Thanks to "Think It, Sink It, Reef It," a nonprofit that repurposes manmade objects as saltwater reefs, there are several little pockets of offshore angling heaven near St. Augustine to the East and Cape Coral on the West.

Goliath grouper, snook, and even the venomous lionfish are easily found in abundance in the protection of the reefs.

Rocky Mountain National Park Hike-In Lakes

Several will get their time to shine, but the Internet doesn't flood with much info on several of the farthest lakes down the various trailheads. If you're prepared and able to handle the trek, you're in store for some of the greatest scenery and the best chances at catching a greenback cutthroat trout.

Now that we've spilled the beans on a few locations, we expect you to at least hop in your truck and give them a shot.

Who knows, maybe they'll produce your next personal best.

Based on IHS Automotive VIO registration data for all brands of GVW 1-3 pickup trucks continuously sold in the US since 1988, Dodge and Ram have the highest overall percentage still on the road.