The 3 Best Box Turtle Habitats on Amazon for Indoor & Outdoor Use

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I've never related more to an animal, so I had to buy a turtle my freshman year of high school. They're chill and in their carapace a lot. Although I consider myself an introvert, I tend to be comfortable when I'm home with family and out and about. You want your pet turtle to feel the same in their aquarium.

If you have an aquatic or semi-aquatic turtle, you will love these turtle kits! We put together a list of the three best-reviewed turtle aquariums on Amazon. We all know the greatest turtles of all time lived in the sewers of Manhattan, but I think your turtle will love the new homes we picked out.

What Kind of Habitat Does a Box Turtle Need

Box turtles love being warm! They thrive in humidity. If possible, you should keep them in an enclosure outside with access to water, but if you'd like to keep them indoors, make sure they have enough light for basking, and be cautious of the temperature in your home. I recommend a wooden pet home for box turtles. It should keep them warm outside.

What Kind of Habitat Does a Painted Turtle Need

Baby painted turtles can live in a 10-30 gallon tank, but once they are an adult, they need a bigger tank. If you can shoot for a 70-100 gallon tank for enough swimming room.

How Do I Set up My Box Turtle Habitat

Aquatic turtles says enough. Your aquatic turtle loves some water! Make sure you fill up your turtle tank with enough water. If you use a habitat other than a tank, create a pond area. A good rule of thumb is to keep the water depth twice as long as your turtle's shell.

Keep in mind water quality is important. Many animals know when their water is dirty.

Install a filtration system. Next, you need a basking area. A turtle dock or pier is ideal for this! This is where they will soak up some UVB rays. Be sure the lamps you get are either UVA/UVB heating lamps. Remember to keep their water at a temperature between 75-86 degrees.

Turtle tank supplies

Best Habitats

1. Wooden tortoise house with wire top and handle

If you'd like to keep your box turtle outside, this is perfect! It's portable, so you could bring him inside if ever needed. I would put this somewhere safe in your backyard. Your baby box turtle will love the sun's rays. When your pet is done basking, he can crawl inside for some shade.

The double-room design has a removable wall if you'd like to create more space, and the lockable design with wire safety keeps your pet safe. The house was built with anti-corrosion and moisture-proof oil paint, perfect for humidity.

2. Tetra deluxe aquatic turtle

This terrarium by Tetra comes with a decorative filter, cartridges, a basking spot, and heating lamps. This 20-gallon tank will be a great turtle tank for your turtle to relax and bask in light.

It is pricey, but Tetra is a top-rated brand for all things fish, reptiles, and more.

A five-star review: "I love this tank totally worth the money! My baby painted turtle Melvin really enjoys it. Definitely buy it if you are looking for a good turtle tank."

Feel free to purchase a hiding spot for your turtle. They love sitting under a heat source, but sometimes turtles like to hide. The Turtle Hub says hiding is normal, especially if you just got your turtle recently. Make sure they have clean water and receive help from a vet if they are not coming out after a couple of weeks.

3. COZIWOW Tortoise House Habitat, Large Wooden Box Turtle Enclosure

This indoor enclosure can also work as an outdoor enclosure. The indoor box turtle habitat has a lighting support bracket that can wire in a heat-lamp, perfect for regulating their body temperature.

The outdoor turtle & indoor box turtle habitat is far from your normal glass aquarium, but we love it for giving your pet the ultimate privacy while still being able to enjoy some sunshine. If you decide to bring the turtle pen inside, use the two wooden handles to move it easily.

There are two leak-proof trays on the bottom to collect water (this mimics turtle species' natural habitat or natural environment).

For more turtle supplies, visit Chewy.

Have fun decorating your turtle's new home!

If you're wondering what turtles eat, we got you covered. Freeze-dried mealworms are a favorite, including water lettuce, blueberries, collard greens, duckweed, crickets, and more! Don't forget clean water for their terrarium water dish.

This post was originally published on July 24, 2019.

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