5 Best States for Snowmobiling

Which are the best states for snowmobiling? We've got ideas...

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There's little debate that the portion of our country that receives enough snow has totally embraced the snowmobile.

Tourism, in fact, revolves in part around people traveling with their sleds and contributing to local economies. It's definitely viewed as an important aspect of winter vacationing in many parts of the U.S.

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With that in mind, we picked five states that have standout snowmobile opportunities. Hopefully it will help guide those of you who plan to toss your sled on a trailer this winter and hit the road.

5. Montana

If natural beauty is something you crave while ripping through the snow, the Yellowstone area of Montana should be on your shortlist.

In a place where tree goblins (trees completely buried in snow drifts) are a natural obstacle, it's not hard to see why Montana is a mecca of snowmobiling.

4. Maine

The Interconnected Trail System (ITS) in Maine is unique in that it provides 3,500 miles of snowmobile trails that can literally take you from one side of the state to the other, uninterrupted.

As long as it's a good snow year and your snowmobile can handle it, long, scenic rides are a given in Maine.

3. Michigan

There's no wonder the Upper Peninsula boasts some of the best trails in the country, and the locals definitely use them to their fullest.

There are more than 2,500 miles of trails in the UP alone, making it one vast playground of snowmobiling mania.

2. Minnesota

Home to the famous Gunflint Trail, the outdoorsman paradise that is Minnesota provides tons of snowmobiling action, and naturally has nice, long winters.

The state does a great job of maintaining and promoting their trail system, and it's well worth the trip if you've never been.

1. Colorado

There's a reason this state is full of beautiful ski resorts, and that same idea can translate to the snowmobiling opportunities presented in Colorado.

Vail in particular has trails that run along the Continental Divide. How cool is that?!

Now that you know where to take your snowmobile, you can start planning the journey.