You Can Get These 5 Great Pump Action Shotguns for Under $400

Looking for pump actions shotguns under $400?


Shopping for a good pump action shotgun at a reasonable price can be a difficult task to undertake. Top of the line  guns can go for over $700 and up. And by up, I mean high up, and quickly.

However, finding a great gun for less than $400 isn't out of the question. There are several great options for hunters on a budget, and all it takes to find the perfect gun at a fraction of the cost of top end shotguns is a little research and knowledge regarding performance and field needs.

It isn't necessary to break the bank and go big with a semi-automatic shotgun. If you're using smart hunting practices, a good pump action shotgun is plenty.

Check out our choices for the best bang for your buck, and let us know what other pump action shotguns we should have included.


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