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You Can Get These 5 Great Pump Action Shotguns for Under $400

Looking for pump actions shotguns under $400?


Shopping for a good pump action shotgun at a reasonable price can be a difficult task to undertake. Top of the line  guns can go for over $700 and up. And by up, I mean high up, and quickly.

However, finding a great gun for less than $400 isn't out of the question. There are several great options for hunters on a budget, and all it takes to find the perfect gun at a fraction of the cost of top end shotguns is a little research and knowledge regarding performance and field needs.

It isn't necessary to break the bank and go big with a semi-automatic shotgun. If you're using smart hunting practices, a good pump action shotgun is plenty.

Check out our choices for the best bang for your buck, and let us know what other pump action shotguns we should have included.


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Remington Model 870 Pump Action Shotgun

The Remington 870 Series includes the Wingmaster, Express, and Express Super Magnum. Commonly known as one of the most reliable, durable shotgun lines for hunters nationwide, specifically turkey hunters, the Remington 870 series shotguns are built for optimum field success. The best-selling shotgun of all time has twin action bars and solid steel receiver for consistent ejection and smooth action.

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Depending on the model chosen, hunters can shoot anything from 2 ¾ inch shells up to 3 ½ inch shells. The most powerful model in this line is the Express Super Magnum, with an overall weight of only 7.5 pounds and barrel length of 28 inches. Hunters can walk away with this classic Remington for less than $400, and can enjoy the same success as countless hunters before them.

Remington 887 Nitro Magnum Pump Action Shotgun

The Remington 887 Nitro Magnum pump action shotgun is basically a Remington 870 on steroids. Weighing in at 7.375 pounds, with an overall length of 48", the 887 offers hunters the reliability and performance of the Remington 870 with a few added features that make it the perfect choice for an all day hunt.

With its updated, armor-clad (ArmorLokt) coating, the receiver and barrel are shielded from surface rust and abrasions while the SuperCell recoil pad reduces recoil by 54%. The barrel is hammer-forged and manufactured from solid steel. At less than $400, the Remington 887 is a great field gun for any hunter.

Mossberg 500 Classic and Field Pump Action Shotguns

The Mossberg 500 Classic & Field pump action shotguns are built for the field. Performance is the key with these guns. They are designed with twin action bars, anti-jam elevators, drilled and tapped receivers, twin bead sights, and a tang safety. Depending on hunter preference, synthetic or wood stocks are available and the 500 is offered in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths.

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For under $400, buyers can get a 28" matte black, synthetic stock or Classic wood stock 12 gauge. There is also a 20 gauge and .410 available for young hunters or shooters who prefer less recoil. The versatility and durability of this inexpensive shotgun makes it a great choice for turkey hunters who want quality without a hefty price tag.

Winchester SXP Black Shadow Pump Action Shotgun

The Winchester SXP Black Shadow pump action shotgun is a good choice for rugged hunting. Built to withstand rough conditions and heavy use, the lightweight synthetic stock has a textured surface to ensure a solid grip in even the worst conditions. An Inflex Technology recoil pad helps reduce recoil and eliminate anticipatory flinching.

When paired with an Invector-Plus choke tube, accuracy and consistency up to 40 yards is easily achieved. Dense, tight patterns promise success in the field while the hard chrome chamber and bore are extremely resistant to corrosion and wear. With a price tag less than $400, the SXP series is a good option for hunters looking to save.

Weatherby PA-08 Pump Action Shotgun

The Weatherby PA-08 pump action shotgun is ideal for turkey hunting, but has models that are great for waterfowl and other game. It is lightweight at only 7.25 pounds with a 28" vent ribbed barrel and comes with three different screw-in choke tubes. Made for 3" shells, this sweet little gun is perfect for taking down a big gobbler at 30 to 40 yards.

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The black synthetic stock effectively reduces glare and prevents getting busted by the sharp eyes of an alert bird, while being rugged enough to handle any kind of field condition without fail. In addition, the price tag for the PA-08 is pretty attractive. Overall, this is a great choice for hunters who want quality and reliability at an affordable price.

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