5 Best New Saltwater Fishing Lures to Add to Your Tackle Box

Here are a few saltwater fishing lures that we've got our eye on.

Trying to decide which saltwater lures are the best to use is completely dependent upon which species you are targeting, and at what time of year it is. Sure, that's the easy answer, but we all look for the newest, hottest lures each fishing season to try and get a jump on the guy or the gal in the next boat down.

Some lures are designed specifically for a certain species, but some transcend their designation and become the lure of choice for multiple species or multiple time periods. In fact, some of these can be used in shallow water marshes and deep water, whether on a boat or from the shore.

When it comes to saltwater fishing, get the best and the toughest equipment or pay the price. Saltwater fishing gear needs to stand up to the toughest conditions, and this means lures as well; lures that have to hold up through aggressive large fish strikes and especially the saltwater.

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Z-Man Darter Z

saltwater fishing lures

The 6-inch Darter Z from Z-Man shares a slim body and forked tail to mimic needlefish, ballyhoo and sand eels, but that's not all. The soft, durable material withstands numerous strikes, even from the most toothy saltwater gamefish, but it is the bait's segmented body which accentuates the swimming and darting action.

Shimano SP-Orca FB

saltwater fishing lures

The SP-Orca FB comes equipped with Shimano's revolutionary Flash Boost technology, which suspends foil on small springs inside of the lures body. With this technology, the lure is able to constantly emit an attractive flash, even on the pause.

Hogy Protail

saltwater fishing lures

This one has been created for ultra-slow, shallow water applications where the fish are schooling, but wary. Protail swimbaits by Hogy are meant to imitate mullet, herring, menhaden and shad, while featuring a 6-1/2-inch ribbon tail for complete lifelike swimming action.

Evike Yoyo Iron Jig

saltwater fishing lures

These Tady surface iron jigs are a staple for catching large aggressive fish such as tuna, yellowtail and bonito. They come in a host of great color patterns, but it's their erratic swimming action that makes them so vulnerable to large pelagic fish.

Last Cast Bucktail 

saltwater fishing lures

What's so great about another bucktail jig you ask? They're great for finessing rockfish and halibut out of their usual haunts, easily tipped with a number of outstanding soft plastics, and maybe the best part is the price for a three pack on Amazon prime.

The top-mounted eyelet is terrific for vertical jigging, and the 3D holographic eyes shine in the water like no other.

Other Choices

The Daiwa Zakana is fitted with the extra-sharp VMC 9626 treble hooks, which the company says will catch everything from snapper and redfish to bonito, tuna, yellowtail and more. For shore and pier anglers, the spoon can be worked like a crankbait or topwater with a fast, erratic twitching retrieve.

There are enough worthy jerkbaits, poppers, crankbaits, twitchbaits, soft baits, grubs, saltwater jigs, trolling lures and other hard baits to fill a dump truck, and these are but a few. Rapala, Yo-Zuri, Heddon and a host of others all make great baits for saltwater fishing, so it's just a matter of time until you find what works best for your fishing style.

Minnow and other baitfish imitations are the big-market sellers for most and certainly have their place among any list, but knowing your target such as redfish, fluke, mackerel or striped bass is the most important factor.

Saltwater tackle box has to be versatile to catch fish. Those who ply surf casting as their favorite pastime or those who prefer the deck of a skiff in the marshes aren't much different—they want the most recent offering in their kit at the moment of truth.

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