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5 Best Camping Grills for Any Outdoor Retreat [PICS]

Get all the performance and tastiness of your home grill with these portable camping grills.

There are a ton of different types, styles, and brands of grills on the market. But you wouldn’t want to bring a giant, full size grill on your camping trip.

Check out these esteemed camping grills and make sure you are prepared for your campout.

Cook-Air Wood Fired Grill

You know there are charcoal grills and gas grills out there, but what about this wood fired grill?

cook air

The Cook-Air Wood Fired Grill can create heat over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit because it has a 5-speed adjustable fan on the bottom that blows air through the fire chamber and boosts the fire, causing the temperature to rise.

If you like your grilled food to have a delicious smoky flavor, than this is the grill for you. It will infuse your meat with that delightful flavor without overpowering it.

Weber Q 2200

The Weber Q 2200 was designed to be portable, but at 42 pounds, it is not necessarily the most packable camping grill out there. But the size is great for a balcony, the trunk of your car, or for your camper.


The grill runs on gas and has two side tables. The cover is tall and allows room to roast a whole chicken. You can also buy the griddle section to make pancakes, eggs, or to sear meat.

The Weber Q 2200 works great, but is on the more expensive end as far as camping grills go.

Weber Jumbo Joe Portable Charcoal Grill

The Weber Joe is a portable size version of the Weber Kettle (the most widely sold grill in the world).

weber joe

It has the same cooking grate as the full size grill, but has a smaller body, which makes this camping grill perfect to cook for a large group of people without having to haul your home grill to the campsite.

Cobb Premier Charcoal Grill

The Cobb Premier Charcoal Grill is said to be one of the most unique and versatile camping grills out there.


The grill can run for three hours on a meager eight briquettes of charcoal. A handful of charcoal can keep you in business the entire night and the flame will never flare up too high.

This grill can cook anything from burgers to a whole chicken with ease. It is very light and portable and the outside does not get hot. You can pick up and move the grill even while you are cooking.

You can buy add-ons such as a smoker box, skillet, and griddle to make the handy Cobb Grill even more versatile.

The biggest downfall to this grill is the small cooking area. You can fit about three to four burgers on it, max, at one time.

Son of Hibachi

The Son of Hibachi grill is the perfect portable, charcoal-fueled, hibachi-style grill.


The grill unfolds to 170 square inches of cooking space. That’s even more than the spacious Webber Jumbo Joe. There is no cover to bother with or fit food under, and when you are finished grilling, fold up the grill and let the flame diminish automatically as all the ashes drop to the bottom.

This grill works great when it actually works. It is known to have some manufacturing defects.

It’s time to get summer cookin’ with one of the best camping grills on the market. Choose one of these top rated grills to accompany you on your next camping trip adventure.

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5 Best Camping Grills for Any Outdoor Retreat [PICS]