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Thermal Predator Hunting: 45 Coyotes in One Video

Thermal predator hunting is an ever-growing sport, and in this case, a farmer gets to reap the benefits.

Predator hunting went through a huge growth period in the last decade. Now the new buzz is thermal predator hunting with handheld scanners and weapon-mounted thermal units like these coyote hunters are using.

Places like Night Hunting Depot sell these thermal weapon sights as fast as they make them because of the high demand. And, after you watch these guys mow down 45 coyotes, you'll be researching thermal imaging devices for the next few hours.

These coyotes don't stand a chance as these hunters lurk in the night, patiently waiting for the perfect shot opportunities. Once the coyotes position themselves into spots where the cows aren't in danger and the vitals are present, one pull of a trigger puts them to sleep.

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If you're thinking about getting into predator hunting, coyote hunting or hog hunting, be sure to check out AR-15s similar to this awesome deal from Palmetto State Armory, and save up for a thermal optic. The advantage will be in your court!

This is thermal predator hunting like you've never seen before. Get ready to watch these hunters wreak havoc with their Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII thermal scopes.

With some of the new units sold by Pulsar, Trijicon and ATN, nighttime hunting is just as clear as daytime hunting. Predator and hog hunting are both taking huge strides because of these advancements in technology, and as you can see, these scopes are even capable of video recording.

As price points on thermal rifle scopes start to fall into the common man's price range, it's getting easier and easier to get started. In areas where coyote populations are high, like Texas and Oklahoma, farmers are often paying hunters to protect their ground from hungry packs seeking young calves.

As you can tell in this video, there's definitely no shortage of targets here. The coyotes seem to be coming from every direction, making it easy to find success when you hunt coyotes. You then combine that with some of the best thermal scopes on the market, and you have a recipe for success.

Join in on the fun by getting a gun and a thermal imaging scope! Your predator and hog hunting adventures await!

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