4-Ton Wrecking Ball Blasts Cars in Slow Motion

Sometimes you just need a little wrecking ball in your life.

In this clip by popular YouTube demolition channel, the Slow Mo Guys, watch a 4-ton wrecking ball decimate walls, minivans, and sedans in slow motion.

The crew starts with a practice run, splitting a solid brick wall in half under the weight of the swinging wrecking ball.

Next up is an old model compact sedan, hood dented in straight v-formation with shattered back passenger windows and a crunched hood like paper, mixed in with humorous remarks about door handles no longer being operational.

Last on the list is a gray and orange camper van, captured by interior shots of the wrecking ball blasting through the living compartment and thrown to its side, torn panels, furniture, wallpaper, and all.

In total, there must have been $20,000 worth of damage to newly scrap yard vehicles.

That could have bought a brand new car!