Check Out 4 of the Biggest, Baddest Moose on the Internet

Check out these gigantic moose we found.

There's a handful of animals that have a distinctive prehistoric feel and these humongous moose look like something out of a history book. A sign in New Brunswick even warns commuters to beware of moose while driving; check out the layout of the sign displaying the size comparison!

Folks who don't encounter moose often might forget just how big these mammals are. So, here are our "reminders":

1. Larger than life moose.

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This moose was reported to seen and photographed near Mcadam, which is near Vanceboro, Maine. Although we can't be 100% certain this moose is real, it does seem huge.

2. Chasing Folks Down

This picture might cause for more questions than answers. However, once again, this Moose has some serious stature over the shirtless guy returning to his van.

3. Big Bull Moose

This picture surfaced in a Reddit thread, dedicated to huge moose. Use the cars and people for scale to fully grasp the size it.

4. Another Park Moose

Let this picture remind everyone to keep you're eyes peeled while hiking. Who knows when a 7 foot tall giant moose will emerge from the brush.

Moose are the largest of all deer species and can weigh as much as 1200 pounds. Moose also have a huge appetite to fit their stature. It's reported moose may eat up to 73 pounds a day in the summer and 34 pounds in the winter.

Now it's time to schedule a trip and see giant moose with your own eyes.