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4 of the Best Deer Hunting YouTube Channels

These are four of the most entertaining and knowledge-based deer hunting channels on YouTube. 

Online deer hunting videos are here and they're getting better by the year. With more deer hunters heading to YouTube channels to get their hunting fix, high-level producers are collaborating with some top talent.

As producers improve and high-level talent releases deer hunting videos on YouTube, we've begun to see a handful of channels rise above the rest.

1. Drury Outdoors

Drury Outdoors has been in the outdoor entertainment industry for a long time. They've always quickly moved to where the attention is headed. This is good news for big-buck fans, as they can now watch top-tier hunting shows on Drury's YouTube channel. They have different video series on their channel that provide both entertainment and whitetail deer knowledge.

Everything on their channel is fair-chase hunting, which is why it finds a place on our list of the best hunting YouTube channels.

2. The Hunting Beast

Dan Infalt is one of the most renowned public land hunters of our time. This Wisconsin native mastered the art of hunting bucks, with a run-and-gun approach as well as a portable treestand. He releases long and short videos of hunting strategies paired with valuable information. His hunting adventures will captivate any serious deer hunter, so check them out here!

3. Whitetail Habitat Solutions

Jeff Sturgis runs a blog and a YouTube channel, where he displays his in-depth approach to hunting bucks in the U.S. His content is geared more toward land managers and owners. However, the information is applicable to anyone who wants to learn more about hunting mature bucks. The strategies he provides are things he's been testing since the 1980s. Jeff's philosophy has helped people hunt more effectively and successfully. It's for this reason he finds himself in a spot for one of the best deer hunting YouTube Channels.

4. The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public is an online video series that releases new videos of public land adventures. This channel highlights bowhunting strategies that anyone can implement. Above is an example of one of their public land hunts in Iowa.

After watching any of these channels, YouTube will lead you down the wormhole of fantastic deer hunting content. You've been warned!