4 Kinds of ATV Owners You’ll See on the Trail

Everyone encounters these ATV owners at some point or another.

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There's a strong community amongst ATV owners, and once you become part of it, there are certain things you just "get" from that day forward.

For instance, you know the feeling of pushing an empty tank of gas to its limits because you went just a little farther than you thought. You know what it's like to brush the dust out of your teeth after a day of riding. You feel like a new set of tires would make a great Christmas present.

But you are also probably eager to meet other ATV owners, because there's nothing better than finding like-minded folks to share your hobbies.

Here are a few personality types that you might find at the off-road track.

The Grizzled Veteran

This is the ATV owner who's had one for years, probably even since before you were born. He's seen the times change, and the ATV designs right along with them.

He's always going to be prepared, whether it's with a set of tools for a quick fix or a nifty trick to keep your seat dry. He's the one you should feel confident going to with questions, just be prepared for a long story to go along with the answer.

Yeah, this guy is sort of like your grandpa when he winds up for one of those "I remember when I was your age..." stories. But that's not always a bad thing!

The Young Gun

It makes sense to follow the Grizzled Veteran with the Young Gun, because they're almost complete opposites.

This is the guy who shows up with the newest — and cleanest, because he probably hasn't used it much — gear, and certainly one of the fastest, shiniest ATVs available on the market. He's at the track not only to ride, but also to show off.

But what exactly is he showing off? It's not his experience, but instead his enthusiasm. It's cool to see the younger generations getting excited about ATVs, just so long as they do it safely and respectfully.

The Speed Demon

There's always one at every track: the ATV owner who feels the need to go extremely fast.

And why not? As long as they're doing it within the rules and have backed up their risk-taking mentality, more power to them.

They're the one to go to when you want to squeeze every last RPM out of your motor. Just beware: Souping up and ATV can get pricey. If speed isn't your thing, avoid advice from the Speed Demon.

The Woman Road Warrior

Don't even think about letting them fool you; the Woman Road Warrior is a vital and engaging member of the ATV owner community. That's not to mention their increasing prevalence. Females are riding ATVs at a higher rate than ever before.

Now then, a word of caution, especially if you're a single man: You're probably going to feel an urge to take this person under your wing, hoping to impress her. DON'T automatically think they need your help.

Odds are they're into ATVs because they enjoy them and understand them, so don't undermine the Woman Road Warrior without getting to know them first.