4 Holiday Gifts That'll Make You a True Gunsmith

These tools will make a real gunsmith out of the firearm tinkerer on your holiday shopping list.

Gunsmithing can be a fantastically satisfying endeavor, like cooking your own gourmet meal instead of buying it from an expensive restaurant.

But it's never easy to start a new hobby, especially one that involves a significant amount of new gear. And if you're already into it, you know gunsmithing requires plenty of specific tools.

We're hoping to make the argument that the holidays are the perfect time to gift someone the right gunsmithing gifts, and suggest a few items that will help them make the most of their hobby.

These products are from Wheeler and Tipton and come highly recommended not only by us, but by the multitudes of satisfied customers Wheeler has been supporting over the years. The stuff they make is reliable, which is especially important when you're doing something as critical as working on your own firearms.

Check out these gift ideas, and set someone on the path of becoming a true gunsmith.


Maybe they've already got a vise, but probably not one like this. The Tipton Best Gun Vise is designed to accommodate almost any size gun, including bolt-action rifles, break-open shotguns, AR-15s and handguns. Take a look at what it can do:

It's nice and sturdy, made from high-quality, solvent-resistant material, and will last as long as your gunsmithing years take you.


Any gunsmith worth their weight needs a magnifier, and if there's a type that stands out as best, it's this one from Wheeler. It actually comes with two magnifying levels, and is ideal for checkering, inletting, action work, assembly or any projects requiring a close-up view of those tiny parts any and every gun has.

Driver Set

This Wheeler 30-Piece P-Handle Driver Set will be the last one they'll ever need. Give someone this as a gift and watch their eyes light up.

The molded stand keeps everything organized, and it can be mounted on a wall if it needs to stay out of the way. It includes all the SAE Hex, Metric Hex, and Torx drivers a good gunsmith would ever need.

Laser Bore Sight

Sighting in an optic can be a pain, but it's one of the last (and most important) steps in completing a gunsmithing task. The best way to do it (and it really isn't even an argument) is with a laser bore sight. This one from Wheeler allows you to choose a laser with either a red or green color.

These tools won't necessarily make a complete gunsmithing kit by themselves, but they'll bump your collection of items into a higher level of quality and precision, which is exactly what you need on your way to mastering the skill.