4 Cozy Ice Fishing Shacks for Every Angler's Needs

Catch a big one while using the smartest ice fishing invention of all time: the ice fishing shack.

Ice fishing has been around for a while, but only recently have portable, reliable, and useful ice fishing shacks made their way to the forefront of the market.

Sportsman's Guide has more selections than you'd ever need, so we narrowed a few choices down to help make sense of what's out there.

Don't let this be an end-all, be-all list. Do your homework, think about your specific needs, and try finding an ice fishing shack that will work for you.

Guide Gear 6x12 Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter


Anyone who owns a Guide Gear Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter will tell you how lucky they are to have found such an economical and effective shack.

Six windows, each with three configurations, give you a lot of options. Plus, the pop-up design is one of the easiest you can find.

Eskimo Fatfish Insulated Six-Sided Ice Fishing Shelter


With 80 square feet and up to 23% more fishable area than similar shelters, the Eskimo Fatfish is a no-brainer choice. 

A strong, sturdy hub allows for more room and a reliable structure, even in windy conditions.

Frabil Aegis 2250 Ice Fishing Shelters


The Frabil Aegis makes a lot of sense if you're commonly out on the water with one other person.

Two deluxe swivel boat seats provide a comfortable spot to post up, and the 600-denier fabric provides good insulation.

Clam Scout XL Thermal Ice Fishing Shelter



Try a Clam Scout XL for when the only companionship you'll have is your rod, reel, and the fish you catch. The Scout XL works really well for solo missions, and won't break the bank.

There's only so much time you can spend ice fishing each year, and only a select few states sustain good angling all year round. Don't let the cold weather or elements keep you from hitting the hard water and keeping the good times rolling. Until spring thaw, at least...