4 Classic Cars to Have on Your Radar (and Buy When You Have the Chance!)

There are quite a few up and coming classics that have slipped under the radar.

The classic and exotic car markets fluctuate as time passes. As a result, quite a few awesome classics have passed by unnoticed, and are fantastic buys if you can get ahold of them.

Here are four classic cars you need to buy right now.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA)

The first generation of the Mazda MX-5, the NA generation, is very popular among the younger crowd.

They are commonly modified and ran into the ground, and it is very difficult to find an unmolested version at a decent price. If you find one, buy it. These will definitely appreciate exponentially in ten to twenty years' time.

3. Nissan 240SX

Like the Miata, the Nissan 240SX is very popular among tuners and drifters, likely even more so than the Miata. It is easy to modify and has a plethora of readily available aftermarket cars. It is nearly impossible to find an example that is completely stock and with a manual transmission.

If you can find one, definitely snatch it up and hold onto it. They are sure to appreciate very much in the next few years.

2. Jaguar F-Type V6 Manual


The Jaguar F-Type V6 is one of my favorite cars. It sounds amazing, looks amazing, and drives amazingly. The presence of a manual transmission only amplifies the experience, and is the least popular variant of the F-Type.

An early model F-Type V6 Automatic can be had for just under $40,000, and the manuals are beginning to depreciate in value. I would advise you to purchase one in five to ten years when they have hit the bottom of their depreciation curve.

1. Ford SVT Raptor (6.2 V8)


The 6.2 liter "Boss" V8 version of the F-150 Raptor is definitely a future classic. It is more powerful and faster than the original 5.4 liter version of the Raptor. It is the last V8 Raptor, as the current variation has an Ecoboost V6.

They are depreciating in value as well, making these a total bargain for anybody in the market for a very special pick up.