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4 New Hunting Products That Will Change the Way You Think

Everyone always wants to see the new bow launches, but there are always a few off-the-wall products that make some noise at ATA.

If you've ever followed our coverage of outdoors trade shows, you know we like to go beyond the obvious attractions. Each show reliably brings so many great products to the limelight that can be overlooked, so we try to highlight all of the best products.

Much of what filled the showroom actually debuted at last year's ATA show, so we directed out attention toward the most noteworthy product debuts of 2020.

While the new bow launches undoubtedly lived up to the hype, the following off-the-wall products were arguably just as intriguing.

QAD UltraRest Integrate MX


QAD has cemented its name in the bowhunting industry, creating some of the most popular arrow rests among hunters by pairing simplicity and ingenuity.

The brand changed the landscape for the arrow rest sector last year with the UltraRest Integrate MX, but it was limited exclusively to Mathews bows.

This year, however, they created the same offering for Hoyt owners.

Plano AW2™ Gun Cases with Rustrictor™

plano gun case

It's not often you see gun products at ATA, and we admittedly don't them a whole lot of attention, as SHOT Show is typically only a week or two later.

However, this gun case from Plano was too cool not to include on this list.

plano gun case

Not only does this case boast durability and user-friendliness with a Dri-Loc seal and ulta-smooth latches, but it also features Plano's Rustrictor technology, which reduces moisture from within the case.

This could be a revolutionary installment in the case market, as countless hunters have paid a rusty price after leaving their rifle or shotgun in its case too long.

TrueTimber Inflatable Ground Blind

truetimber inflatable ground blind

Have you ever wanted to hike into public land but didn't want to tote a full-size ground blind? Well, TrueTimber just made life a whole lot easier.

In a surprise ATA announcement, TrueTimber debuted its new inflatable ground blind, which offers hunters a more portable, efficient option when hunting from the ground.

true timber inflatable

By simply deflating the frame of the blind, hunters are able to pack it into a small backpack that still offers pockets for your typical hunting gear.

"This is certainly not the ground blind your dad used," said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. "When I say that, I mean it in all the right ways. For some time now, we have seen the same outdated technology in the ground blind market even though anyone who has hunted out of one knows the stress involved in the actual implementation. These blinds represent a bright future in technology that we are confident will succeed no matter how nasty conditions get while taking the stress out of blind setup."

YETI V Series

yeti v series

OK, we know. YETI coolers are already expensive, so a souped-up alternative sounds crazy. We thought the same thing until we saw the V Series for ourselves.

Using vacuum-insulated panels, it actually retains ice nearly 60-percent longer than the famed Tundra.

YETI V Series

Plus, no matter your cooler needs, you can't deny sleekness of that stainless steel.

YETI has staked its claim as the king of coolers, but by combining a sharp, retro look and elite performance, the V Series has staked its claim as the king of YETI coolers.