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4 Berkley Rods You Might Not Even Know About (But Should)

Famous for its fishing line and soft baits, Berkley's fine rod selection is probably more unknown.

Everyone's heard of Berkley® Trilene®. Everyone's heard of Berkley® PowerBait®. If you haven't, then you've never walked down the fishing aisle of a major outdoors store, which is your own fault.

But for those of you who always have the old reliable Tequila Sunrise worms somewhere in your tackle box, you might be missing out on some of Berkley's best products and not even realize it.

Here's a list of Berkley rods that are definitely worth taking a look at:

1. Berkley® Lightning Rod™

The F-150 of Berkley's fleet, the Lightning Rod sets the standard for the rest of their products, as well as the rest of the industry. For an affordable price, you can get your hands on a versatile spinning or casting rod, perfect for bass or other freshwater fish.

It features 1K Power Helix, a carbon fiber material used to produce extra strength in the backbone, giving it the ability to make powerful hooksets without sacrificing its lightweight sensitivity. Grouped with its suspending reel seat and and strike amplifying tip, the Lightning Rod offers the perfect balance of strength and control. 

2. Berkley® Cherrywood®

Similar to the Lightning Rod, but without some of the bells and whistles, the Cherrywood is a bargain and a half. It boasts SS304 guides, which are 20 times tougher and 50 percent lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides.

At the end of the day, it's a more-than-functioning rod for $25. That's a great deal in itself. It's also available in a spinning or casting rod.

3. Berkley® Big Game™

The Big Game is Berkley's entry-level catfish/surf fishing rod, which runs about the same price as the Cherrywood. This is the most valuable Berkley rod you can buy in many ways, simply because when it comes to catfishing or surf fishing, quantity often trumps quality.

For $25 apiece, you can get more lines in the water, which can make more of a difference than the quality of one rod.

4. Berkley® Trout Dough Series® 


Trout fishing is an expensive hobby to take up if you want to go the fly fishing route. Luckily there are a number of ultra-light rods out there that can get the job done without you having to take out another mortgage. Of these, one of the best is Berkley's trout rod, which only runs around $40.


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4 Berkley Rods You Might Not Even Know About (But Should)