.350 Legend Youth Hunter
YouTube: Michigan Outdoor Addiction

Youth Hunter Bags Nice Michigan Buck With Perfect Shot From a .350 Legend

The .350 Legend helps another youth hunter bag a nice buck.

In many Midwestern states, hunters are still subject to outdated laws regarding legal firearms for deer. Because of concerns about the distance the bullets could travel, hunters were traditionally restricted to shotguns only. Muzzleloaders gave us a bit more range, but most hunters in states like Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio were a bit jealous of hunters who could use centerfire rifles.

Fortunately, in recent years many of these states have adopted laws that allow the use of straight wall cartridge rifles. This has led to a rise in the use of cartridges like .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend.

The latter of those two cartridges is quickly becoming one of the most popular deer hunting rounds around due to its flat trajectory and minimal recoil. It's a perfect choice for youth hunters, as today's video from Michigan Outdoor Addiction demonstrates. Watch as Mason harvests his first deer ever with a 120-yard shot through the lungs during the youth season.

That's what hunting is all about right there. We are betting Mason is hooked for life after an exciting hunt like that. Watching stuff like this makes me jealous youth seasons did not become a thing until well after I started hunting in 1999. Mason made a perfect shot on that buck and the celebration is palpable.

Most hunters who switched over to straight walls in states like Michigan started with .450 Bushmaster, which is known for its knock-down power. However, many are now making the switch over to .350 Legend simply because it shoots a little flatter. Also, it doesn't beat up your shoulder like the .450 does. I can attest to that downside of the .450 Personally!

While the shot did not down the buck immediately, he still went down within sight of the blind in the open field. It was a clean kill, and you cannot ask for more than that. It's easy to see why this has become such a popular round in straight wall states!

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