.350 Legend Mountain Goat
YouTube: Winchester Ammunition

Hunter Uses a .350 Legend to Down an Alaskan Mountain Goat

The .350 Legend handles mountain goats quite well.

One of the fastest-growing calibers in the gun world today is the .350 Legend. For good reason too. It's a decently fast round capable of muzzle velocities of 2,300 feet per second. It does this while simultaneously delivering a light recoil that any shooter can appreciate. Especially younger hunters who might not appreciate the kick of a larger gun.

The round has taken off like a rocket mostly due to the popularity in Midwestern states with "straight wall" casing rules for deer hunting guns. These are states that previously only allowed shotguns to be used. Now hunters can reach out to ranges they previously never dreamed of.

However, the .350 Legend isn't just a deer hunting round. Developed by Winchester, they're starting to tout the benefits of this round for other big game. In this video, Austin Manelick of Mission Alaska takes one deep into the backcountry to see how it handles a mountain goat.

What an awesome hunt and a beautiful backdrop to this adventure. A mountain goat is smaller than a whitetail deer, but we are still impressed with how this Billy never got out of his bed after Austin sent one of those .350 Legend bullets downrange. An ideal outcome, as many mountain goat hunts have difficult recoveries when the animals tumble down the mountain after the shot.

It isn't just hunting that Winchester wants to see the .350 Legend used for either. In their recent new ammo unveilings, they revealed a specialty self-defense round. Considering how well the round cycles in sporting rifles, it's not a bad idea.

This round is a great consideration for anyone who lives in a state with straight wall cartridge rules for deer because you can use it at home for deer, and take it with you on the road if you go out of state to hunt for a more exotic species. This round has only been around for a few years now, but it's clear that the .350 Legend is here to stay.

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