3 Tips to Finding a Buck in the Summer

It's time to start finding summer bucks for this fall.

Summertime is here and that means summer scouting. When getting ready for the upcoming year, most hunters grab some trail cameras, a good set of binoculars and a do lot of digital scouting.

Locating a big deer in the summer can be key to early season success.

So, let's take a look at late-summer scouting tips to find a mature buck.

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1. Find Food Sources

The boys are back in town

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Locating a big buck is no easy task, but scouting food sources is a great place to start. Fill your truck with gas and start scouting for deer season. This time of year, bachelor groups will be feeding in agriculture fields.

2. Locating Deer Beds


Finding primary buck bedding will give ample insight to a mature buck. Where would a buck bed be? Areas with air flow and cooler spots along edges deem a good locations for buck beds. There are a lot of variables to locating a buck bed before hunting season, but learning more about your target buck is key to success. Some bucks will stick close to their home range while others will shift as early fall gets closer.

3. Utilizing Trail Cameras

Trail cameras can undoubtedly be an extremely useful tool. They help gauge deer movement, monitor food plots, establish summer range and save on scouting trips. Summer trail cameras also make for a great activity in the summer and will give crucial intel on whitetail bucks.

Anything worthwhile takes effort, so be sure to put in the work for your goals and your scouting efforts will be rewarded.