The 3 Things You'd Never Think to Use Your Car's Navigation System For

Integrated navigation systems are a marvel in technology. 

Most modern cars offer GPS systems as an option, and they are quite convenient gadgets to have. It is worth noting that most integrated GPS systems have limited capability when compared to aftermarket, portable units. Portable units are much more versatile than their integrated counterparts. They are easier to update and upgrade than built-in fixtures.

That being said, there are a few odd, unorthodox things that you can use your GPS for. Here are three of them.

3. Navigation

Hilariously, studies have shown that most people who have integrated GPS systems opt for a portable unit or a cellular app instead. This is because most companies' GPS systems are crap; they develop them in-house, and more often than not, they tend to be absolute garbage. Furthermore, with our nation's infrastructure constantly changing, it is imperative to update your system every once in a while. Unless you have, say, a Tesla, it is very difficult to have these updates installed, as they have to be performed by the dealership usually.

2. Drawing

Many modern GPS systems store route information. If you drive a certain route often with the GPS activated, the computer will record this route. Though this capability is usually only on handheld units, and you usually have to do a bit of computerized finagling to do this, it is a pretty cool feature to have.

This allows you to "draw" fascinating artwork on your daily commute. Many people, many of them cyclists, have managed to do this with their bicycle GPS systems, creating unique and exciting artwork.

1. Offroading

Surprisingly, many GPS systems allow you to take "off-road" routes. Modern Garmin systems allow you to select this option in the route settings menu. This is an excellent feature for those of us who prefer to drive off of the beaten path. As a result, this makes it significantly easier and safer when trying to go off-road. It eliminates the need to have a billion route maps, which is awesome.