3 Things Predator Hunters Should Have in Their Arsenal

Think you're a fully-prepared predator hunter? Get these three things and you'll be a lot closer.

If predator hunting is your game, then you know the tools you use can make or break the opportunities you get. And if you're dedicated to your practice, it's worth it to consider any and everything that can help improve your chances.

We thought of three things that you better have, in addition to all the other things you know you'd need to be successful hunting predators.

1. Ground Blind

Get down on the same level but stay concealed with a Guide Gear Oversized Ground Hunting Blind. It's ideal for predator hunting and won't break the bank.

2. Motion Decoy

If you're not using a decoy like this Western Rivers Deceptor Rabbit, you're seriously missing out.

3. Camo Seat

Though it's specifically marketed for turkey hunters, the Guide Gear Deluxe Gobbler Chair is one of the few reasonably-priced field seats in camo.

Get in on the kind of predator hunting you want to do. You know, the successful kind.