3 Soft Plastics and 4 Hard Baits to Add to Your Arsenal

Berkley's bait selection continues to surpass the industry's standard. If you don't have these baits, go get them.

Below is a list of three soft plastics and four hard baits you need to take a look at.

Soft Plastics

Berkley® PowerBait® Power Worms® 

These are the classic plastic worms every angler should have in his or her tackle box. Berkley's PowerBait products have earned a reputation for being some of the most effective scented baits in all of fishing.

This particular Berkley® PowerBait worm is possibly the most versatile you can find, as its effectiveness remains constant in any freshwater fishing environment.

Berkley® PowerBait® Ripple Shad

Another versatile soft plastic, this swimbait is one that can dominate freshwater. The Ripple Shad is a favorite of smallmouth bass, particularly in rivers. With the PowerBait scent, fish can smell it from a mile away.

Berkley® Havoc Boss Hog

Designed for larger hooks, the Havoc Boss Hog has one of the more unique actions of soft plastics on the market.

With more appendages than your typical worm or swimbait, it's hard for fish not to see it. Each of its legs and its slithering tail make too much of a ruckus for fish to resist.

Hard Baits

Berkley® SquareBull

Often when using a crankbait in a pond or lake, you run into issues like getting snagged on a submerged tree branch or reeling in a bunch of weeds.

The SquareBull, however, gives you more control of your depth, ranging from 2-5 feet depending on how fast you reel.

Berkley® Warpig™

The Warpig is one the best lipless hard baits you can find. As a sinking bait with a blunt nose, anglers can deflect structure in thicker areas. Its aggressive action produces enough sound and vibration to entice any fish.

Berkley® Skinny Cutter™ 110+

For all of you who fancy a jerkbait, this one of the best around. With long-distance casting ability, you can land the Skinny Cutter anywhere on the lake.

Plus, once a fish strikes, it's hard to miss with its three-hook approach. It also features versatility in its action, as you can twitch, jerk, pause, rip, burn or give it a standard retrieve.

Berkley® Flicker Minnow™

The Flicker Minnow is the perfect trolling lure—something everyone needs in their tackle box. Almost perfectly mimicking a minnow in its depth and action, this lure comes in a wide variety of colors for whatever waters you're fishing.