3 Highly Dangerous Car Stunt Videos

Check out these ridiculously dangerous car stunt videos.

Right about now would be the time to remind you to buckle up.

Watch three death-defying car stunts from carnival workers in faraway lands, risking life and limb to entertain the masses.

1. SeeSaw Cars

In this hair-raising stunt, two compact SUVs perform stunts on a raised seesaw platform, moving forward and backward while nearly teetering off its ledge to certain death.

2. Well of Death

In this highly dangerous car stunt, motorcycles and cars ride around well walls in the "Well Of Death", an Indian carnival sideshow structure, with death-defying stunts leaning out windows, lying on top of hoods, and grasping the necks of fellow passengers.

No safety gear is worn, with many stunt artists depending on the Well of Death to earn a living.

3. Flying Car Stunt Show in Vilnius

In this compilation taken at a stunt show in Vilnius, Lithuania, cars and motorcycles perform a variety of stunts, including upside-down, loop riding in a 13-meter high steel spherical structure. The clip curiously opens to several vehicles flipping in the air after being blown off an exploding platform with no rhyme or reason. It's by far the most viewed video on YouTube when you search "flying car stunt."

Ah... car stunts, gotta love 'em!