3 Best Videos on Wide Open Pets and Where to Watch Them All

We love video!

And we love making videos for you, dear readers, here at Wide Open Pets.

From uplifting rescue stories, to breed information, to tips on raising animals, we make a lot of in-house videos. But then we realized, how and where can our fans watch all these videos we spend time creating?

We are proud to introduce our very own Wide Open Pets video showcase page where you can watch trending videos, dog videos, horse videos, or breed videos. Or just watch them all! They're pretty good, if we do say so ourselves...

Check it out here!

And to spur your curiosity of what kinds of videos we produce here at Wide Open Pets, here are our top three videos over the years.

1. Everything You Need to Know About Mangalitsa Pigs

Our viewers loved learning more about this cute pig that has curly hair like a sheep! If you want to learn more about this lovable porcine, go here.

2. Learn About Hognose Snakes

Our readers love to learn! This video was popular because people who care for hoggies know how sweet they are, and people new to the reptile world were excited to learn about this snake!

Here's all you need to know about caring for a Hognose snake.

3. Kitten Gets Her Own Newborn Photoshoot

People loved this video because...well, it's kinda obvious, isn't it? A newborn kitten is enough of a reason to watch a video, but this one is special. All swaddled and cozy, this little girl got her very own newborn baby photoshoot. Read the whole story here.

We have also made some pretty fun video memes in our time! Check those out on our Facebook page. The most popular memes there include this dog who doesn't want to see summer go, our Bunnicula bunny, and a police officer saving a drowning dog when he thinks nobody is watching.

Watch more of our videos on the showcase page, and tell your friends and family!

Wide Open Pets Video Showcase

What's your favorite video we have made? Tell us in the comments below!