2019 Chevy Volt Features Upgraded Performance

The new Chevy Volt promises a faster charging time and new conveniences in 2019.

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid, and the 2019 model boasts an all-new 7.2 kW charging system. The result? A charging time nearly cut in half from the previous iteration, making "opportunity charging more worthwhile."

It takes just 2.3 hours for a full recharge when attached to a 240-volt outlet and equipped hardware.

For comparison sake, the standard 120-volt charge cord, which can be plugged into a standard three-prong outlet, takes approximately 19 hours to fully charge the Volt.

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The new system comes standard in the Premier trim, and it's available in the LT.

The Chevrolet Volt also features another innovation to assist with efficiency: an extended-range electric system that allows an EV range of 53 miles.

If you're familiar with the hybrid and electric car circuit, you've probably heard about "range anxiety." That's not a concern with the 2019 Volt. When the battery charge dries up, the gas-powered generator switches on to provide an extended range of 367 miles on just one tank.

A variety of non-performance features are offered to help contribute to the efficiency of the Volt:

  • Automatic engine-assisted heating system: Offers two settings—On and Deferred. When in Deferred mode, the system activates at certain temperatures—minus 13 degrees F. This is in an effort to promote all-electric operation.
  • Regen on Demand profiles: Optimizes regenerative braking capability.
  • Energy App: Equipped in the infotainment system, the Energy App presents how driving style, route, weather conditions and cabin settings can ultimately affect gas mileage.

That's not all that this plug-in hybrid has to offer, however.

Safety wise, it boasts a a new digital rearview camera, a tire fill alert, driver-switchable adaptive cruise control and the pedestrian alert system, which now uses front and rear speakers to inform the driver.

Additional updates include decorative seating patterns and a relocated wireless charging pad that is now placed ahead of the shifter.

"The 2019 Volt's enhancements give customers more of what they love with the vehicle and make it even more useful as an everyday electric vehicle," said Ortega. "It's a more seamless experience than ever."

The 2019 Chevy Volt goes on sale this fall.