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Lucky Shed Hunters Pick Up Matched 200-Inch Set of Non-Typical Muley Antlers

Most people only find a set like this in their dreams.

Every shed hunter has dreams about walking up on the set of a lifetime. It seems like few ever get the chance just because finding a single large antler is so difficult. You really must be in the right place at the right time to make a truly spectacular find.

The shed hunters in today's video clearly have a honey hole for big mule deer sheds. They pick up a literal armload of antlers before they walk up on a bleached white set that is a little different from what they have been finding. That is because this set is massive, complete with kickers and a massive drop tine jutting out of one side.

There is a little language in this video, but we cannot blame these guys for being excited after picking up what amounts to the matched set of antlers of a lifetime.

It is videos like this that remind me how messed up the deer hunting is here in my home state of Michigan. These guys picked up more sheds during this eight-minute video than I have the past three or four seasons. Obviously, they have found the perfect wintering area with minimal competition because that giant set of sheds stuck out like a sore thumb against the vegetation.

It appears those antlers were laying there for at least a year before these guys spotted them. They still look to be in incredible shape despite baking in the direct sun for so long. This is the type of set that no one leaves behind, no matter what type of condition it happens to be in.

Personally, we would be back going over that area with a fine-toothed comb after this discovery. Because if this set is one year old, we are curious to see what the latest set from this buck looks like. This video was all the motivation we needed to get back out there and do some more shed hunting!

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