20 Ways to Spend Your March Madness Basketball Bracket Cash Prize

What if you win your college basketball bracket? Here are some outdoor-related ways you can spend your winnings.

This year's NCAA College Basketball Tournament is well underway. The sweet sixteen games kicking off  this week with some exciting match-ups. Hopefully your bracket is still holding up.

But let's be optimistic. Say your bracket is still looking promising. Now go a step further, say you WIN your basketball bracket! Have you thought about what cool outdoor purchases you would make with your winnings? If not, that's perfectly fine, that's why I'm writing this article.

I like to be proactive, just for you. So here's 20 awesome ways you can spend your prize money when you win. Grab a pen, this warrants a bracket bucket list.

1. Give to a hunting charity

This would be the perfect opportunity to give back. Check out Veterans Outdoors when deciding on a charity to give your winning to.

2. Bow


If you're like me, you're probably itching to trade in your old bow. Start by checking out this list of top bows for 2016.

3. Gun

You can never have too many guns. Add a new one to your arsenal when your bracket conquers all.

4. Fishing rod

Bass fishing season is here. Visit your local fishing shop and pick up a new rod.

5. Fishing lures

Spinner bait, top-water frogs, worms, the list goes on. Maybe you can grab all three after you lock in the winning bracket this month.

6. Turkey call

Add a new slate call to your turkey collection when you win just in time for prime spring turkey hunting.

7. Turkey decoy

A new decoy might be all you need to trick that tom. Add this to your bucket list if you win it big.

8. Waterfowl call

Grab your lanyard and imagine a few new calls dangling from the vinyl. They may land you a few more honkers next season.

9. Waterfowl decoy

You can never go wrong with having too many decoys. Whatever it takes to make those birds nose-dive.

10. Deer stand


I'm sure a new climber, hang-on, or ladder stand for your hunter property would be nice. The more stand options next season, the better.

11. Ground blind


Test your ground hunting skills with a new blind. There's nothing more challenging then hunting your prey at eye level.

12. Hunting apparel

Ready for a change of camouflage attire? Some Sitka Gear should be on your wish list when you win.

Swedish Moosehound outdoor in the fall - hunting

13. Food plot products

The deer on your property will appreciate this one, just in time for planting season, too. Add this to your list.

14. Wired to Hunt gear

Grab a sharp new hunting shirt or hat on Wired to Hunt.

15. Big game hunt

Put your prize money towards that big game hunt you've been dreaming of.

16. New trail camera


Trail camera outdated? Grab yourself a new one, compliments of your college basketball bracket win.

17. Deer Lab trail camera software

Close-in on that mature buck's home turf with trail cam intelligence software.

18. Self-filming video camera

Make your season more memorable by self filming your hunts.

19. Scent Kapture scent elimination products

Stock up on some of the latest scent elimination products for next season.

20. Broadheads

Cut a check for some new broadheads. Hopefully you'll need more then one next season.

Obviously, the size of your bracket will dictate the amount of your winnings, but your prize money might go a long way to getting you closer to one of these cool purchases. Hey, maybe your outdoor buddy will even go halves with you!

So cross your fingers and hope for the best, but in the meantime, write this list down.