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These 11 Personal Gun Rooms Hit Every Gun Nut Right in the Gut

Be warned: when you see these, you might feel like you just got punched.

We consider ourselves gun enthusiasts, but not to the level of these personal gun collectors.

This photo collection was originally featured in a's "A Gallery of Some of the World's Most Impressive Personal Gun Displays." We're not sure who some of these collections belong to. Whoever they are, they certainly have a penchant for packing heat, and the pocketbook to back it up.

Some of our personal favorites in this mix include the rifle armory hidden in the secret bookcase passageway (haven't you always wanted one of those?), the Great Wall of Shotguns, and the one pictured above, which is believed to be Charleston Heston's personal collection.

This is the personal collection of the gun blogger who runs He calls this the "Arsenal of Argghhh!"

Basement Replacement Experts

The Wide Open Spaces board room...just kidding. Owner unknown.

Trip Advisor

This is the gun vault at the Kessler Canyon hotel in De Buque, Colorado.

This is supposed to be a panic room, but we'd probably hang out in here all the time.

Money and Shit

Don't start an Internet war with this guy...

The Paratus

There's enough firepower here to arm a small army. Owner unknown.

Owner unknown.

In case you wondered where all that ammo went...Owner unknown.

Owner unknown.

These 11 Personal Gun Rooms Hit Every Gun Nut Right in the Gut