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20 Gauge Shotgun Slugs Take Out Deer at 300 Yards

20 gauge shotgun slug

Think a 20 gauge shotgun slug lacks power?

You'd better watch this video of these 300 yard deer kills. These hunters nail their deer with a 20 gauge shotgun way out there.

Back some years ago, the guys from DettyOutdoors were hunting deer in Ohio during gun season. Back then shotgun slugs were the rule for using a long gun. A bolt action shotgun loaded up with slugs is just a close range weapon right?

Well at a measured 300 yards from an elevated stand anchored one very meaty doe. The next night the same shot dropped yet another deer. Oh yes, a a third deer was stopped way out at 300 yards also.

Does the 20 gauge shotgun slug have what it takes for a 300 yard shot? In expert hands, with a well zeroed load from a great shooting rifled barrel shotgun, it is indeed possible as this video proves three times over.

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20 Gauge Shotgun Slugs Take Out Deer at 300 Yards