These 2 Bassmaster Classic Athletes Wear the New Under Armour Coolswitch

Does Under Armour Coolswitch really keep you cooler on a hot day? Ask these Bassmaster Classic participants.

Mike Iaconelli and Justin Lucas fought long and hard to earn their spot in fishing's Super Bowl, the Bassmaster Classic. And they certainly deserve to be on Lake Conroe later this month with the rest of the field.

One thing, beyond their obviously fantastic angling skills, that's helped set them apart is their use of Under Armour's brand new, hi-tech fishing apparel known as Coolswitch.

The never-before-reached cooling capabilities of the shirts and hats are remarkable, and have surely made Mike and Justin impervious to the sunny, hot elements of the East Texas area while practicing for the tournament this weekend. As the season heats up and summer arrives, Coolswitch is the sort of fishing gear that will truly make a difference.

What's so great about Coolswitch? New designs give the gear a one-of-a-kind look, but that's just on the surface. What happens when anglers wear a Coolswitch shirt is the real accomplishment.

Its make up helps you endure more for longer, something every fisherman seeks. It pulls heat away from your skin, supercharges your body's natural cooling mechanism, and absorbs heat just like a NASA spacesuit. Seriously, they share the same technology.

When prepping for competitions, such as Bassmaster Classic, Ike and Justin rely on Under Armour Coolswitch technology so they can stay on the water longer and make the most of every practice. There's no "calling it a day" when the afternoon sun beats down on a Coolswitch-clad angler.