Urban Deer

180-Inch Monster Buck Falls on Camera in Amazing Urban Deer Hunt

This monster buck is the stuff of deer hunting dreams.

Taking down a monster buck is almost never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to successfully pattern some of the biggest deer in the woods. While this can lead to some major frustration, it all becomes worth it the second the plan comes to fruition and you finally get a shot on that big buck.

That is what today's video is all about. This short film about the hunt for a 180-inch urban buck named Napolean truly captures what hunting is all about. It comes to us from the guys at the YouTube channel SEEK ONE. If you haven't seen these guys before, their niche is urban bowhunting in the Atlanta suburbs.

If you think because they hunt urban deer that they have an easy time, think again. In this hunt, Drew goes through every low and high a hunter could experience over the course of one season. It's an emotional journey that perfectly encapsulates what hunting is all about.

We just love it when a plan finally comes together and helps us put a nice buck on the ground. Or in this case, the buck of a lifetime! The guys at SEEK ONE have been putting together some of the best hunting videos on the Internet for a couple of years now and the hunt for Napolean is just another example why.

These guys do not shy away from showing the hard work and endless hours of frustration that often accompany the hunt for a giant buck like this. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and discipline to stick to your plans, especially as the hunt drags on into December like this one did.

In the end, Drew was able to take advantage of a man-made funnel created by that hole in the fence to the area Napolean was using as to bed. If this was your first SEEK ONE video, it's worth checking out their other content. Even though most of their hunts take place in urban areas, these guys develop extensive histories with these animals, and it makes it that much more satisfying when they finally get their target buck.

Great work Drew and congrats on an awesome buck! We cannot wait to see what the SEEK ONE crew does in the 2020 seasons!

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