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25 Baby Names Perfect for Your Little Outdoorsman

Drake? Gauge? Oakley? With this many great names, you might have a hard time deciding.

As outdoorsy parents-to-be, you may already be daydreaming of sharing your love of nature with your children through trips to your favorite national parks and books about nature. Why not give your future hunter or fisherman a head start with a nature boy name?

Whether you're trying to find the perfect nature boy name or trying to convince your spouse to pick something with a little more nuance than Wolf or Fox, you'll find plenty of inspiration in landscapes, geology, and animals. Good baby boy names may come from the forests—think Aspen, Cedar, or Cypress—or from the natural world at large, such as Falcon, Rain, Silas, Jasper, or Reed.

Or maybe you want to get a little more specific. The following are the best nature boy names for your future outdoorsman.

1. Hunter

OK, so this one is plain and simple, but it's still a cute name for your little peanut. It's basically the most centralized moniker you can give a kid if you yourself are a sportsman. These days, it's become a lot more common than it used to be. In fact, it ranks 86th in the top 100 baby boy names of 2022, according to

2. Mariner

Mariner is a Celtic baby name meaning "lives by the sea." Even if you reside in Middle America, "Mariner" is a fitting name for the child of anyone who likes to fish, boat, or just be by the water.

3. Bowman

Two words put together makes one unique name for your little bundle of joy. Bowhunters have a strong sense of devotion and dedication, both attributes you may want to bestow on your son. This name is more uncommon, too, so you might have the only "Bowman" in your neighborhood, too.

4. Remington

How To Involve A Kid In Hunting

Not only is "Remington" the name of one of the largest firearm manufacturers, it was quite a common first name for boys born in the 1990s—why not be one to help bring it back? There's something sweet about shortening it to "Remi," too.

5. Scout

Any boy given this name is bound to be on a journey full of adventure. And if Harper Lee has anything to say, the name "Scout" works great as a little girl's name, too.

6. Colt

Whether your inspiration is from the gunmaker or a young stead, the name Colt may be a fitting choice for your new addition. You may lengthen it to "Colten" or keep it short and sweet as-is.

7. Miles

Fun fact: The Latin meaning of "Miles" is "soldier." A soldier can be more than one who heads off to war, but someone who conquers challenges, so it can be a good choice whether you're a military family or simply a patriotic one.

8. Easton

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"Easton" ranks at number 70 in the 2022 top 100 boy names list, so it's likely not everyone who chose it is an archer. Still, if you are, naming your son for the arrow manufacturer may be a fitting homage.

9. Oakley

There's more to the name "Oakley" than a fancy pair of sunglasses, as it's true meaning is "a field of oak trees." It has a more sophisticated air than "Birch" or "Willow" or "Ash," as far as tree names go.

10. Tanner

The name "Tanner" pops up in pop culture a lot, but it has its roots in taxidermy, as one of the steps in preparing an animal hide is to "tan" it. It works whether you want to set up your son for a career in trophy preservation or just like it as a nature boy name.

11. Dallas

While your first thought may be the Texas city, "Dallas" is derived from the Scottish word "dale" for "meadow." It's a great name for an upland hunter to bestow on a son or daughter.

12. Forrest/Forest

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However you spell it, a young "Forest" surely will love the outdoors if given the opportunity. It's a great name to honor the woods where so many of your favorite activities occur.

13. Gauge

"Gauge" just sounds like a really cool name, and it's not as obvious for a hunter's son as, say, "Double Barrel" or "Over-Under." (We're kidding on those, but feel free to use that as a selling point if your spouse isn't as wowed by "Gauge" as you are.)

14. Archer

He may end up being more into firearms or fishing, but either way, Archer will be an outdoorsman and he will look good in that cute little camo onesie you got him for his ride home from the hospital.

15. Drake

You may be thinking of the hip-hop artist Drake. but any waterfowler knows a "Drake" is a male duck, making it a very cool name of your new little duckling.

16. Cam

The name Cam—short for Cameron or on its own—is so popular, people may not guess you chose it based on it also being an essential part of a compound bow.

17. Fletcher

He may not grow up to own a pro shop and cut arrows, but he can always stand proud with the name Fletcher. Even if he doesn't pick up archery, you're still setting him up for a cool and memorable name.

18. Wyatt

This boy's name has been popular—ringing in at number 29 on the top 100—and means "brave warrior." This is a great attribute to bestow on your son, whether he becomes a soldier, hunter, or lover of the great outdoors.

19. Storm

Naming your child Storm may seem like you're asking for trouble, but the strong British name has origins in many different cultures. Its English meaning "tempest" brings images of blustering winds, gales, and strong forces. Loud personalities in German, Dutch, and Scandinavian cultures were often nicknamed "Storm" for they blew in and back out like one.

20. Sylvan

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The name Sylvan is a strong boy's name meaning "of the forest." The name is steeped in Latin origin with strong Roman ties to Silvanus, who was the god of the forests. Surely, a child sporting this name will turn out to be a great steward of nature.

21. Phoenix

Phoenix is a strong name beyond the city in Arizona. When many people think of "phoenix," they envision a bird rising from the ashes—a powerful nature boy name to give a baby.

22. Atlas

Altas is a Greek name rooted in mythology, from the Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. While you don't want to burden your baby with such concerns, he may embody the strength inherent in the name.

23. Oren

If you have any Irish ancestry or just want a little bit of the luck of the Irish for your little hunter or fisher, Oren is a strong choice, meaning pine tree.

24. Nash

Nash may not be a trendy first name, but it's as old and strong as the tree it comes from. The English name hails from the phrase "atten ash," or "by the ash tree."

25. Rowan

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Rowan is an English name based on the rowan tree. The tree has red berries, leading it to be associated with people with red hair. The name also has roots in Ireland, where it is a last name. The Arabic version typically is used for girls, meaning a river in paradise.

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