14-Pound Bass
YouTube: Josh Jones Fishing

Angler Catches Lunker 14-Pound Bass in Freezing Cold Conditions

There's noting quite like catching the bass of a lifetime.

Every angler has dreams of catching big bass that eclipse the double-digit mark. Very few are fortunate enough to catch one in their lifetimes.

Then there are some anglers who seem to do it all the time. At least that's the way it seems to us. Case in point is YouTuber Josh Jones Fishing. He's fishing Texas for those fat, pre-spawn largemouths in 19-degree weather.

If you think that's too cold for bass fishing, think again. Because the big ones are clearly in a feeding mood. Josh hooks into a true giant of a fish and after landing the beast, makes a run for the nearest ShareLunker station to get an official weight on the big bass.

This truly is the stuff that fishing dreams are made from. We'd be lying if we said we weren't insanely jealous of this mega catch.

This beast of a fish officially weighed 14 pounds, 13 ounces, which is enough to qualify it for the Legacy class in Texas' official ShareLunker program. If you're unfamiliar with it, every year anglers catch and donate their largest bass to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who then use the big bass in their selective breeding program. The hatchlings are later distributed to lakes throughout the state to keep stocks at their very best.

The program has been extremely successful and the TPWD has proof it works. The biologists test the lineages of these fish, and many are traced back and revealed to at least be partially related to a ShareLunker fish. Officials tempt anglers to participate by offering up a plethora of sponsored prizes like limited shopping sprees that draw from the pool of anglers fortunate enough to catch a bass of this size.

As you heard him saying in the video, the amazing part is that this is Josh's third fish of this caliber, which is simply amazing. We'd be happy just landing one of these fish in a lifetime! Congrats to Josh on his catch, and thanks for sharing it with the world!

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