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Looking Back on the 13-Year-Old Who Landed a 67-Pound Blue Catfish in Texas

This teenager might have just broken a state record.

Few things are more fun than wrestling a catfish on the other end of a fishing line, but there aren't many people can say they've ever gone toe to toe with a 67-pounder!

According to a Facebook post from Michael and Teri Littlejohn's, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service, a day of fishing ended with a bang for 13-year-old Brayden Rogers.

Accompanied by his grandfather and his brother, Rogers went along with guide Noel Ibarra on Lake Tawakoni, and came back with a 67.1-pound blue catfish.

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"What an amazing day on Lake Tawakoni yesterday," the post reads. "It was so exciting just watching this young man Brayden hold this huge fish that is the New Pending Lake and State Blue Catfish Record JR."

Though still awaiting confirmation, it appears Rogers' monster catfish will break the Texas record for junior anglers, which was previously held by a 66.2-pound blue catfish that came out of Lake Worth in 2011.

According the a report from USA Today, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department weighed the fish, keeping it alive to give it a proper analysis.

Additionally, Brayden agreed to let the TPWD keep the fish to display in a large tank at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, as opposed to throwing it back into the lake.

"The rod tip bent all the way to the water and the kid just started reeling," Teri Littlejohn told FTW Oudoors.

She added that Rogers was using cut shad while drifting when the 10-minute fight started. She also said an older angler landed a 78-pound blue catfish in the same spot later that morning.

The Texas blue catfish record currently sits at 121.5 pounds, which is unbelievably twice the size of this one.

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