13 of the Weirdest Cars You'll Ever See, According to Road & Track

What are some of the weirdest cars you can think of? Bet a few appear on this list...

In an automotive world dominated by appliance-like Toyota Camrys and Dodge minivans, it's fun to look back on what Road & Track calls the 13 "oddball" cars that have made our job entertaining and your life more enjoyable.

Let's start with a French car many Americans may have never even heard of. While French automakers Bugatti and Delahaye are well known for their stunningly gorgeous autos, Fiat decided to have none of that when it designed the Multipla.

With its, um, unusual headlight setup, Top Gear called it the Ugliest Car in 2000, while at the same time, naming the Multipla its Car of the Year. The Telegraph said it resembled a "psychotic cartoon duck." It's easy to see why it never swam the pond to the States.

French automakers make two more appearances on R&T's list with the Renault Alpine GTA and the Citreon SM. The Alpine screams 1980s car design with is harsh, angular lines. But it also seems designed by three different teams that were never in the same room and might not have even spoken the same language.

Next up is the slab-sided Alfa Romeo SZ. With a chin inspired by Jay Leno and overall design inspired by a door stop, only 252 examples of the SZ were built between 1989 and 1991. And despite its non-nimble looks, it was capable of achieving a cornering force of 1.4 G.

Among the odd sports cars are also two minivans, one of which was built in 1932. That's when the Art Deco-styled Stout Scarab, with a Ford flathead V8, was built in Detroit. The world's first minivan was unusual looking and at $5,000, very expensive. Only nine were handbuilt and five are known to exist today.

The second minivan isn't as odd looking these days, but when introduced in 1989, the Toyota Previa was strange indeed. But the Previa's off-the-wall character was much more than skin deep. Beneath that jelly-bean body, was a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engined setup that truly makes the Previa stand out.

Check out the full list for the remaining eight cars including a Ferrari, a Lotus and, of course, an Edsel.