12 Smart Holiday Gifts for Deer Hunters That Won’t Break the Bank

The shopping season is here, but you don't want to overspend. We're here to help!

Every holiday season comes with plenty of shopping needs, and there are almost always hunters in your family or group of friends that deserve great gifts.

There's always a lot of stuff we'd love to suggest, but these gift ideas were chosen mainly because they're from trusted brands, are known to be effective, and can work almost universally no matter what kind of deer hunting you're doing.

Moultrie P150 Panoramic Game Camera

We'll start with a very valuable tool in a hunter's box: A great trail cam. The Moultrie P150 Panoramic Game Camera has been recognized with all kinds of awards, and for good reason.

With a special price of only $99.99, it's easily one of the best deals you'll find in the trail cam market this season.

Universal Camera Stake

If you know a hunter who frequents areas without a ton of trees, you may have heard them mention their difficulties hanging cameras in effective places.

Solve the problem for them with a Universal Camera Stake, which has a sturdy three-pronged base and is nice and inconspicuous. They'll wonder why they never used one before. Plus, it's only $24.99.

Camera Bag

The Moultrie Camera Field Bag is a dream for a hunter with a lot of cameras. Plus, its special price of $44.99 can't really be beat.

Gear Hoist

If you know a treestand hunter, a Summit Retractable Gear Hoist would make an awesome gift. At $24.99, you could get several for all your hunting buddies, and still come out ahead.

Smartphone Card Reader

It's almost 2018, no one should have to wait until they get home to their computer to view their cam photos. Give the gift of near-instant gratification by grabbing a Moultrie Smartphone Card Reader for only $24.99.

Heated Seat

From the "Why didn't I think of that?!" category comes the Summit Heated Seat. We almost guarantee whoever you gift this to won't have one, and will thank you after each winter sit for it.


Code Blue sells some of the best scents, and their Code Red Whitetail Buck Urine is less than $5 a bottle and is proven to drive dominant bucks crazy.

If you know someone who uses doe scents more often, then go with the Code Blue Doe Estrous.

Odor Elimination

In the opposite direction, giving a hunter field spray that helps eliminate their scent is a good way to get on their good side. This D/Code Unscented Field Spray includes a 12-ounce spray bottle with 32 extra ounces to refill when needed.

Grunt Call

The Knight and Hale Natural Grunt Call is simple to use and oh-so-effective. It'll only run you $24.99, a great price for such a good call.

Doe Bleat

A hunter will be able to bring both does and bucks in with an EZ Doe Bleat from Knight and Hale, and at $9.99 you'll be able to grab a few to wrap and put under the tree.

Rack Call

Gifting a deer hunter with a Rogue Rack two-piece rattling system will forever put you on their shopping list, because it's one step closer to bringing them the big buck they've been after. And the $9.99 price is nothing to sneeze at.

Now that you've got enough choices, start your shopping and get every hunter on you list the sort of things they'll want and need.