1,000 Peeps vs. Explosives: Sweet, Smashed, and Squished

How do those Easter treats hold up against explosives? 

Explosives. It is just flat out fun to blow things up. This video does just that, and it is sweet. The peeps didn't stand a chance.

Kirsten Joy Weiss loads up her FN Scar rifle and puts these peeps through the ringer. After the .308 Lapua does its damage, she is left with a sticky and sweet situation.

Oh, and the video is in slow motion. You have to see this.

If you had ever pondered what it looked like to explode 1,000 marshmallows at once, you came to the right place. Personally, I am not a big fan of eating peeps, so this is finally something worth my time regarding peeps.

And it didn't disappoint. An event that looked like a rainbow had been shredded everywhere may leave you all with a sweet tooth wanting more.

Slow motion explosives never gets old. Welcome to the peep show.

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