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100+ Animals Including Bears, Deer, and Elk Thrill-Killed in Washington's "Worst Poaching Case Ever"


Washington Fish and Wildlife are calling this possibly the worst poaching case they've ever seen.

Washington Fish and Wildlife authorities have never seen a poaching case like this before. Ten people are currently under investigation in the illegal killing of over 100 animals. These alleged poachers targeted everything including deer, elk and even a bobcat in Cowlitz County.

They allegedly also illegally used hounds to kill up to 30 bears. All while filming the whole thing. They then skinned the animals and left the meat to rot. Some of the footage obtained by Fox 12 Oregon is disgusting. Warning, this one will make your blood boil.


The whole case began when wildlife officials started seeing headless bucks turn up last winter. In the course of a year-long, multi-state investigation, they were able to use trail cameras to catch two men in the act. They eventually discovered the crimes happened not only all over Washington, but Oregon as well. And it wasn't just deer the poachers were targeting, it was multiple other species as well.

After further investigation and serving 20 search warrants, they found the actions of these poachers are some of the worst Washington Fish and Wildlife has ever seen. Not only were they shooting large numbers of animals, they were filming the whole thing and doing it for nothing more than a thrill.

As always seems to be the case, several of the suspected poachers also have prior poaching convictions. Charges are yet to be filed. We'll bring you more on this story as it develops here at Wide Open Spaces. There have been a slew of poaching cases coming out of the Pacific Northwest recently, but this one sounds like it will top them all.


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100+ Animals Including Bears, Deer, and Elk Thrill-Killed in Washington's "Worst Poaching Case Ever"