10 YouTube Channels All Hunters Should Watch

It's time to cancel cable television and subscribe to these 10 YouTube channels all hunters should be watching. 

A lot of people have resorted to streaming services across the country. In fact, it might be the future of hunting television. Just last week "MeatEater" released an original series on Netflix, becoming the first hunting original series Netflix has put out on their platform.

The tide is turning in the American outdoor industry. It might take 10 years still for shows to completely switch, but the writing is on the wall. For that matter, here are 10 YouTube channels all hunters should subscribe to if they aren't already. They are some of the best hunting YouTube videos available right now.

So whether you're a deer hunter, a bird hunter or just one who appreciates the outdoors, there's at least one channel on this list that'll suit you.

The Hunting Public

If you've yet to watch the Turkey Tour or this year's Deer Tour, you're missing out. The guys at the Hunting Public chase whitetail deer and turkeys all across the country, from Nebraska to Alabama on public land. Their YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing hunting shows on YouTube and for a good reason. Their quality footage, combined with their success in the deer woods, is second to none. Right now the team is releasing new videos almost every day. Enjoy!

Based out of Missouri, Dr. Grant Woods and his team are a wealth of knowledge. They film hunting expeditions as well as how-to's in the Ozark Mountains. With Woods' background in deer biology, you're always sure to gain some helpful insight while watching his episodes. He dives into habitat management, herd management and predator management throughout the year and it's fascinating. If you're an avid YouTuber, this is a show you certainly don't want to miss.

Midwest Whitetail

Known for the popular miniseries, "Chasing November," Bill Winke and the gang hunt mature bucks in Iowa. He successfully harvests large bucks each season while bowhunting. This series is professionally produced, and the team records each hunt. Bill Winke relays everything from access routes to tiny "kill plots" for a successful whitetail hunting season.

Wired To Hunt

Mark Kenyon showcases his hunt for "Holyfield," a massive buck captured on trail camera, while also filming his DIY hunts out west for whitetails. As host of the Wired To Hunt Podcast, Kenyon builds a story around several bucks that he chases year in and year out. He gives hunting tips, tricks and strategies for creating the best scenario to hunt highly pressured deer in his home state of Michigan. He even dabbles in elk hunting from time to time. He recently joined the MeatEater Inc. team where he also was featured in MeatEater's latest Netflix original series.

Seek One Productions

This team of suburban bowhunters seek to find giant, mature bucks hiding in plain sight in the city of Atlanta. Now in their second season, they continue to hunt big bucks in Atlanta while also trying their hand at the city of Nashville. These guys harvest bucks one would never expect to find in a city as big as Atlanta.

Close Proximity TV

Known for successfully killing tons of turkeys with his bow, Jordan Barnes takes off each spring to hunt birds with a bow and no blind all while self-filming his hunts. It's truly remarkable. Transitioning to fall, he just released his latest successful hunt on an early season buck he killed in middle Georgia.

DIY Sportsman

If you want to learn how to become a better all around hunter without spending a ton of money, you've come to the right place. The DIY Sportsman teaches hunters all kinds of neat tips and tricks for how to better maneuver in the woods and in the tree while hunting. Not only will you learn something new, but you'll also learn how to up your game with several creative tactics.

Mitchell Payment's Moment of Truth TV

This YouTube channel might be one of the most overlooked hunting channels on the web. Mitchell Payment hunts primarily in Canada where he chases moose, mule deer and giant whitetails among other species. Most all of his harvests are on film with a bow. If you haven't seen his epic, instantly famous moose hunt yet, you're missing out.

The Hunting Beast

The Hunting Beast Forum is a place of highly sought after knowledge for avid hunters, specifically bowhunters all over the United States. Dan Infalt has taken his decades of successful hunting knowledge and put it into this forum and this YouTube channel. The forum allows you to interact with other professional, hardcore hunters and the channel will give you visual insight on how Dan applies these concepts of hunting buck beds in the field.


On this channel, you'll learn more in one sitting than most anywhere else about all things wildlife management. It includes everything from deer management to bird management to predator management, and how they all coexist. With years of experiences and several mature bucks to show for it this is a channel you will not want to overlook.

There are enough deer hunting videos between these video series to last you a long time. Hunting TV shows are becoming more and more frequent on platforms like Facebook and YouTube as well as other social media and streaming platforms. These hunting YouTube channels are certainly at the top of the list from a quality standpoint.

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