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The 10 Best Whitetail Hunting Twitter Accounts

Whitetail Hunting Twitter Accounts

These 10 whitetail hunting twitter accounts are the best avenues for deer hunting news across the United States.

A lot of people receive their news from social media before seeing it on television or reading it in print.

Twitter leads the way in delivering news, as its users can basically just watch live updates from any major outlet they follow.

The same is true for the hunting community. Whether it's the next biggest deer harvested or an update on CWD, hunters can count on these 10 whitetail hunting Twitter accounts.


Steven Rinella and his team travel the world cooking up mouthwatering cuisines after their hunts. MeatEater just released the first original hunting series on Netflix. MeatEater encapsulates different cultures and customs across the world while hunting unique species of big game and fowl.


Travis 'T-Bone' Turner is part of the Bone Collector team. As the spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited, T-Bone's humor adds a unique dynamic to the Bone Collector clan. Whether he's fishing or shooting armadillos, there's always an element of fun with T-Bone.


The Quality Deer Management Association aims to ensure our hunting heritage for future generations. It also aims to recruit new hunters into the fold. The QDMA also works on behalf of hunters in policy to act as a mouthpiece based on science and historical data of the whitetail deer. It's active on the disease front to stay up to date on CWD and bouts of EHD across the whitetail range.


Michael Waddell hails from Booger Bottom in southern Georgia. He's the founder of Bone Collector and part of the Realtree brand. Waddell is a positive voice for hunters, and actively fights for rights on behalf of outdoorsmen and women all over the nation. Additionally, Waddell is one of the premier turkey hunters in the South. He can teach you more in one sit than most people will learn in a lifetime of turkey hunting.


Whitetail Properties is where you can learn everything you need to know about land real estate. They teach how to purchase the right piece of property based on your wants and needs. Additionally, they host a YouTube series called Land Beat that gives tips and tricks to hunters and landowners on how to successfully analyze land deals and so much more.


Mark Kenyon is active with his followers on his Twitter account while engaging about habitat improvement, bowhunting, DIY concepts and much more. He recently joined the MeatEater Inc. team with Steven Rinella. Mark also hosts the Wired To Hunt podcast giving weekly strategies, hunting tips and tricks on whitetail hunting.


The DOD team has been around for a long time, yet they continue to release great footage and video content on whitetail hunting. Each year, they host and produce several shows across outdoor television on channels including the Outdoor Channel, the Pursuit Channel and YouTube among others. If you want to see some world-class deer, this is a great team to follow.


Heartland Bowhunter airs their shows on Carbon TV as well as YouTube. However, the HB team is one of the premier production companies in the outdoor industry based out of Missouri. Their quality film is proof of their hard work and professional team.


Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are avid whitetail hunters consistently killing big bucks. They manage mature bucks and older deer proving what is possible when managing a deer herd effectively.


With over 200,000 followers and consistent video content, the official Twitter account of the Outdoor Channel is one of the leading social media platforms for outdoor television. Great personalities and hosts such as Drury Outdoors make this channel one of the leading outdoor platforms.

While this short list of people doesn't speak for all the hunting world, they certainly encompass and represent a large portion of it. Between these 10 Twitter accounts, one will be able to relate as a hunter and outdoorsman. As you're viewing these accounts, make sure they're verified with the blue check mark, so you'll know they're the ones releasing their own twitter content and not a faux.

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The 10 Best Whitetail Hunting Twitter Accounts