10 Ways to Convince You the Off-Road Life is for You

You hop in your car, drive on paved city streets to your job, then return. Maybe you take it on the highway for bigger trips, but your car's just a tool meant to get you from one place to another, right?

WRONG. The driver's seat of a vehicle, if properly tuned and capable, can be one of the funnest places to be if you get off those boring roads and onto some dirt, mud, and steep inclines.

The off-road life isn't for everyone, but we'd bet there's a little bit inside each and every one of us that's yearning for big tires, large rocks, and dicey terrain. The thrill alone is addicting, and you'll come to find the off-road life is better than most others.

In case you need a little cajoling, here are ten good reasons why the off-road life is the way to go.

1. You (and your vehicle) are not as boring as you think.

So many of us get stuck in the mainstream way of thinking about vehicles. But in reality, just about anything can be converted to an off-road machine. With the right tires, a few mechanical additions, and a strong sense of adventure, you can turn the most vanilla of cars into an off-roader.

2. You can do it all over the place.

Lots of folks think you have to like in Utah, or at least a mountainous region, to take advantage of the off-road life. Not true! There are tons of not-so-obvious places across the country (and beyond) that allow, and even encourage, off-roaders to take on their trails. Do a little searching online and elsewhere, and you're bound to find something close to where you live.

Plus, when it comes time to plan a vacation, the world's off-road trails can take you to some pretty special places.

3. You get to enter the wide world of off-road tires.

It's usually the first thing people think of when they consider creating an off-roader, and it introduces a whole new realm of possibilities. Off-road tires come in styles you've likely never dreamed of, and they're constantly coming out with new technology that will help with your off-road needs.

Even if you just dip your toes in the tire water, you'll see how fun it can be to customize your ride with the right rubber.

4. You'll be the envy of the block.

When your neighbors see your off-roader in the driveway, covered in mud from the weekend's adventure, you'll know exactly what they're thinking.

5. You'll learn about autos.

A lot of Americans, especially the younger generations, have lost that yearning to work on their cars and trucks with their own two hands. Building an off-road vehicle, or at least choosing what's going on it, is a good way to increase your knowledge base and build an understanding of what parts do what jobs.

6. You'll be able to access those hard-to-reach spots.

That far-off camping spot that no one bothers driving to? It's yours. That torrential downpour that's soaked the trails? You can handle it. That overhanging cliff that gives the best panoramic view? You'll get there a lot easier with an off-roader.

7. You'll feel good kissing the city skyline goodbye.

Face it: Whether we like it or not, the big city (and even the plastic and concrete of suburbia) can get a little old. Wouldn't you rather be someplace where you can't see a building, or a stop light, or the back of a bus from behind your steering wheel?

8. You'll earn the coveted "road respect."

Off-road cars, trucks, and SUVs undoubtedly get noticed, and for good reason. When you're merging into traffic with a 4x4 and off-road tires, other drivers are gonna give you the room you need. A Mini Cooper or Toyota Camry isn't going to get that kind of road respect.

9. You'll teach your kids something cool.

They may not even know off-roading is a thing, and when you tear off the concrete and onto the dirt, there's no way their faces won't light up. Doing adventurous things with your kids is so much better than letting them learn about it on TV or the internet, right?!

10. You're actually not alone.

Off-road vehicles are a ton of fun, and plenty of folks have caught the bug. You'll be in good company, and can rest assured that off-roading is for everyone. You can bet the folks you meet who are into it are a diverse bunch, proving off-road vehicles really are for every and anyone. You've just got to answer the call for thrilling, exciting drives in places most vehicles wouldn't dream of.

Now that we've done our best to convince you, there's one thing left to do: Find a reliable vehicle, customize it to your off-road liking, and get started. You'll pat yourself on the back once you realize that yes, the off-road life actually is for you.