pheasant hunter
Jerry Lewis

10 Things I Learned on the Hunt That Made Me a Better Man

Many hunting lessons are also good plain-old life lessons. If something makes you a better hunter, chances are, it'll make you a better person, too.

1. Patience

Anyone who's hunted before knows the level of patience required to hunt. If you're a hunter, you'll likely be more patient than the average bear.

2. Conflict Resolution

Let's face it: hunting can bring out the very best in people or, unfortunately, the worst. All hunters have had to avoid a tricky situation with a neighbor, hunting buddy, or keyboard warrior in a hunting forum. Hunters learn firsthand how to handle these situations.

3. Strength

Try dragging out a deer or setting up decoys in water up to your midsection; that's a better workout than any gym can provide. Hunters get fit thanks to mountain hunts and plenty of walking.

4. Connectedness with Nature

It's fair to say hunters are in tune with nature. Hunters can appreciate a simple a sunrise to a covey of quail like no one else. Because of their connectedness with nature, many hunters work to improve wildlife habitats to help sustain and develop the environment. That's more than a lot of people can claim.

5. Cooking

Think of your favorite dish. Does it include deer or elk venison, duck, or some other critter we're fortunate to hunt? That's a good indication that you've learned to prepare food well. No question, hunters know how to make a delicious dinner.

6. Telling Stories

children sit around the campfire at night

Every hunter has stories, but after sitting around deer camp for multiple seasons, it's clear that hunters can develop a real craft of storytelling. Even if we've all heard the same story 20 times from an old hunter, it's just as great as it was the first time.

7. The Art of Relaxation

The hunting community knows the art of relaxation. How? After working hard to get the perfect setup, hunters can sit back and enjoy the day, breathe the fresh air deep into their lungs and simply decompress. Studies have even shown that walking in the woods carries many physical and mental benefits.

8. Handling an Adrenaline Rush

It's first light; you hear crashing through the brush right before a big buck materializes in front. Bang! You drop it, and you know, here comes an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. Not everyone can handle a rush like the one you get from shooting big buck. Which leads to the next point.

9. Staying Cool in Tough Situations

Hunters know how to stay cool when things get intense. With a little experience, hunters are able to stay calm, cool, focused when the situation gets difficult.

10. The Importance of Tradition


For many, hunting is a tradition that has been passed along for quite some time. In fact, many non-profit organizations focus on passing the tradition of hunting and introducing new people to the sport. Mentorship and investing time, money, and dedication into teaching others is almost a thing of the past.

So, the next time someone gives you grief or a hard time for hunting, remind them of these 10 ways hunting makes you a better version of yourself.