10 Things "Game of Thrones" Can Teach You About Hunting

Even if you don't watch it religiously, Game of Thrones could teach us all a thing or two.

When you first look at it, that show everyone's watching on HBO these days, Game of Thrones, couldn't be all that closely tied to hunting, could it?

As a matter of fact, it didn't take too long at all to put together this perfectly reasonable list of lessons we can learn, hints we can take, and friendly reminders from Westeros. Apply them to hunting, and it isn't that far fetched.

Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and the quest for the Iron Throne can actually show us a few things. George R.R. Martin was on to something...

You'll see what we mean, and if you aren't caught up on the final season, we'll try not to spoil things until they're complete. And by the way, have you seen Avengers: Endgame yet...?

1. It's all about execution

Sure, you should practice hard and work towards your goals. But when it comes right down to it, if you can't pull it off in the heat of the moment, you need to make sure you're fixing the problem.

When the season premieres, you'd best be prepared.

2. Double-crossing is part of the territory

It's true, even your closest ally in the outdoors can stab you in the back, so to speak. When it comes down to it, would he really pass up that buck you've watched on your trail camera?

And let's not even get started on a wild turkey. They'll drive you crazy with their unpredictable surprises.

3. Carry extra ammo

Shots have to count. Nothing seems to die with one arrow in the show, unless it's through the eye or something. Bad (or at least imperfect) shots happen, and it's what you do immediately after one that counts. It's just a fact of life: be prepared to miss.

4. Be ready to face the elements

Take a few hints from the inhabitants of Winterfell. They all dress warm, wear good boots, and never let a little cold or snow get in the way.

5. Don't get cocky

...or the next hunt could be your last. Just ask any number of convicted poachers out there.

6. Archery is the way to go

In hunting, you've got a longer season, a closer connection to the land and quarry, and a sport worth the dedication it requires. In Game of Thrones, you've got a leg up on anyone with nothing but a close range weapon. Plus, crossbows, right guys?!

7. Sometimes you've gotta binge

This one isn't story related, but instead about the way we consume it. If you're going to fully understand hunting, you're going to have to put in the time.

8. The fear of missing out

On that same note, if you don't watch the show, you're probably pretty tired of hearing about it by now. Are you the kind of hunter that always misses out? Do you hear "You should have been here yesterday!" a little too often? Yeah, same thing.

9. Screw helicopter hunting

Just get a dragon, for crying out loud.

10. It's all about having fun

In the big scheme of things, Game of Thrones probably does rank pretty high for a whole lot of people, at least as far as televised entertainment goes. But If you've spent as much time outdoors as you have watching it, you're on to something too.

Life's about enjoying yourself, and whatever it is you choose to occupy your time, it should be something that gives you pleasure.

It should be something you can do with your friends, and tirelessly talk about after. It should be something that teaches you a little about yourself. It should be something that helps distract from the not-so-great, something that's hopefully leaving a positive impact.

And yeah, it should be fun. Both hunters and Game of Thrones fans should be able to claim that.